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There are several videos of talented musicians making a song from scratch or tunes that get us grooving. It’s not just that; people are known for using their creativity and making music with the bare minimum. And thanks to the internet, we can see such an amazing video of a street drummer creating the sound of drums from empty baskets. In a video uploaded by YouTube user William Wei, you can see a man with several empty baskets in the street. Then he starts playing music on it and turns the basket into a drum set. For different sounds, man uses the baskets differently. After she finishes playing, many people applaud her and appreciate her talent.

Take a look at the video below:

Since this video was shared, it has been liked 3.9 times and also received several comments. One user wrote, “This dude’s stamina is insane, he also makes better music with a few buckets than some pros with a full drum set. Another person said, “Really, he is so talented. He shouldn’t perform on the street, his place should be in a famous band. This bird understood. I’ve been a drummer myself for 13 years and this guy is amazing, he plays as fast as he does as long as he’s hard on the arms. Great speed and tempo man, keep it up,” said a third.

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