A man plays part of every track on the album Slipknot on guitar and drums


If you’ve seen Slipknot live, you know their performance can be a well-orchestrated assault. Now imagine trying to take that and condense the band’s entire catalog of recorded albums into a six-minute pounding unfolding on two musical instruments. That’s what Szymon Walak did in his latest social media challenge, delivering all six Slipknot albums on guitar and drums in a six-minute medley.

“I’ve been working on this movie for a long time. When I was 12 and first heard Slipknot, their music changed my life and it’s a tribute to them,” says the musician, who covers excerpts from each song. from each album and wraps it all up in an overwhelming, energetic medley that rarely lets up, proving to be a true test of not only his playing but also his editing skills as he merges a video presentation alternating between the two instruments .

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Walak is also working in music for a career, working as a lighting designer and operator for fellow musician Kasia Lins, while practicing his drumming and guitar skills and also producing. .

For the gearheads taking a closer look, Walak detailed his gear used during this video in the description, where he also offers timecode from the start of each Slipknot album. For those wondering, Slipknot’s Flight. 3 album gets the most airtime in the medley, clocking in at 1:13 seconds, while Iowa is the shortest, covered in just 50 seconds.

This isn’t the first time Walak has shown his dedication to a band’s catalog. Some might remember when he made a 10-minute Korn timeline video also featured here on Loudwire. You can see some of his other works through his instagram and Youtube canals.

And while Szymon’s two-instrument cover of the band’s album catalog is impressive, you can see “the 9” deliver their hit sets in full on tour. The next leg of Slipknot’s Knotfest Roadshow kicks off May 18 in University Park, Pennsylvania. See all dates and get your ticketing information here.

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