Ableton’s iOS Note app lets users create music on the go


With Abletonit’s new To note app, users can map beats and arrangements, record samples, and more. Compatible with iPhone and iPad (iOS 15.0 or later), Note features over 350 samples and synth sounds covering a range of styles and textures.

A grid of 16 pads is available for drum programming. For Synth and Melodic Sampler instruments, users have the choice of a 25-pad polyphonic grid or a piano roll. Users can record and edit percussive and tonal sounds and use them in projects via the melodic and drum samplers.

Nudging, quantization, overdubbing and sound shaping capabilities are also available on Note, for deeper layers and complex arrangements. Users can also capture improvisations within the app, a feature offered in the full version of Ableton.

Captured audio automatically loops for easy composition. Up to eight tracks, clips or scenes can be created on Ableton Note to create variations to create complete song ideas.

When a song is complete, users can transfer a Session Mode project into Note as an audio file. As a project file, a set of notes can be sent to Ableton via Ableton Cloud.

Ableton Note costs $5.99 in the Apple App Store. Find more information on the Ableton website.

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