Absent In Body Unveils New Track “Rise From Ruins”


Absent In Body unveils a new title

Absent in Body, the collaboration group of Amenra members, Neurosis and Sepultura, have unveiled a new track titled “Rise From Ruins”. The single is from the band’s upcoming album plague godwhich is scheduled for release on March 25. plague god will be the band’s first album with Relapse Records.

Not easy to categorize by genre, “Rise From Ruins” presents listeners with a very unique sound in which only one thing is clear: the track is absolutely terrifying. The first two minutes of the track show a slow, gradual build-up, providing increasingly massive percussion that helps introduce the song’s first riff. Suddenly and surprisingly, a massive riff plays as we begin to hear multiple layers of growling vocals muffled in a way that only adds to their utter brutality. The next section of the song slows down the guitar work and changes the vocal styles, creating different flavors of darkness and heaviness. Ahead of the official release of “Rise From Ruins” on March 10, the single was featured at All Elite Wrestling’s Revolution PPV event on March 6.

Listen to “Rise From Ruins” via YouTube below.

The band’s guitarist Mathieu Vandekerckhove, known for his work with Amenra, explained his process of writing this song, describing it as an expression of his negative emotions, saying: “One day, while recording the album, I had too many negative news and havoc on my social media shoved in my face. And the riff of this song was a knee-jerk reaction to that. I fought him. This song is definitely a reflection of that moment, of that day.

‘Rise From Ruins’ is Absent In Body’s first album released in support of the new record, following their previous releases of ‘Sarin’ and ‘The Acres/The Ache’.

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