After Apple and Google bans, OG app ‘will no longer be able to continue serving users’


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Beep boop, here we go again for another exciting week in tech. Next week is Disrupt, so the TechCrunch Slack water cooler is full of clothing tips, much to our surprise and confusion.

Oh, and Haje has written over 20 Pitch Deck Teardowns on TC+ – and there’s a lack of decks to review. Surely he hasn’t scared everyone yet? Here’s a little more information on what it’s looking for and instructions on how you can submit your pitch deck for review!

See you tomorrow dear friends! — Christina and haje

TechCrunch’s top 3

  • Next Suit: Today we have another episode of OG app news. This time Ivan reports that Google also removed it from the Play Store. You may recall The OG promised an ad-free Instagram experience. After Meta said an app like this violated its policies, Apple took the first step and took it down a few weeks ago.

  • The day has finally come: Hulu increased its subscription prices today, reports lauren.

  • It’s a trap!“While software supply chain risk isn’t a priority for corporate boards yet, it soon will be,” said Endor Labs co-founder Varun Badhwar. Kyle. The software supply chain startup emerged from stealth today with $25 million to continue developing its graph analytics technology to learn how dependencies are used within an organization and create the indicators of appropriate risk.

Startups and VCs

“The crude analogy I use internally is that last year was a party and this year it’s a hangover. That’s really how I feel – that we’re starting to understand the excesses of the last year,” says Mark Goldberg of Index Ventures in an interview, featured in Mary Ann‘s The Interchange newsletter. “We have now seen the entrenchment period after the fact. At Index, we’re probably investing more aggressively in what we think are the next generation of fintech companies right now.

Cloud kitchens became popular during the global pandemic as a way for restaurants to reach their communities when people weren’t going out as much. One of them was Foodology, a Colombia-based cloud kitchen and virtual restaurant company that just raised $50 million. Christina reports.

And we have five more for you:

The growth hack is really just a growth test

Green seedling in test tube; growth hack

Picture credits: Guido Mieth (Opens in a new window) /Getty Pictures

“Growth hacking” may not be the best term to describe the work required to fine-tune marketing campaigns and systems. In truth, successful marketers constantly iterate, measuring and testing efforts to minimize waste and maximize ROI.

“If every test can lead to a 1% improvement, you’re well on your way to 100% improvement after 100 tests,” writes Jonathan Martinez, a self-proclaimed “marketing nerd” who drove growth at Uber. , Postmates and Carillon.

The best way to uncover marketing hacks is to use “rigorous experimentation frameworks to run countless A/B tests,” advises Martinez, who shares a RICE (reach, impact, trust, and effort) scoring spreadsheet. ), as well as his thoughts on acquisition and activation. growth hacking.

“It’s important to remember that growth hacking doesn’t exist. Instead, you should think about how you can run 100 tests to move the needle forward.”

Three others from the TC+ team:

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Big Tech inc.

When a Florida company asked its employees to turn on a webcam during the workday so said company could monitor their work, it learned the hard way that hiring a stranger and video surveillance was contrary to European human rights policies. haje has more on what happened.

ICYMI this weekend, Twitter locked Kanye West’s account following an anti-Semitic tweet, taylor reported. And that was apparently after Elon Musk tweeted a welcome to Ye, who tweeted that he had been removed from Instagram.

And we have five more for you:

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