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New Delhi: The RP Center for Ophthalmic Sciences at AIIMS, Delhi is developing a mobile application to improve the treatment and care of patients awaiting corneal transplants and to monitor those who have undergone the procedure.

Eye patients across the country will be able to consult doctors at the facility through the app and get their advice. It will also help to continuously track and monitor patients awaiting surgery.

“Covid has also made us realize that you have to approach people in a different way because it can be difficult to physically approach at all times, especially those who live in remote places,” said Dr JS Titiyal , head of the center.

“Through the app, doctors can have direct interactions with patients. There will also be a camera system, using which patients can share photos of their eyes and explain their problems and symptoms. Doctors can diagnose them, and if the patients are registered with us, we can tell them the timeframe for admission and surgery at the centre,” he said.

Titiyal said patients may also be prioritized depending on the progression of their disease.

Additionally, the app will also help track patients who have undergone transplants, he added.

After transplant surgery, follow-up becomes quite difficult, the doctor said.

“If someone develops transplant rejection, it needs to be taken care of within a few days. If the patient comes after one or two weeks, you cannot reverse the rejection. If such a patient is followed up, he or she can be rushed to a nearby hospital so that their graft could be saved.

“We will also be connected to various hospitals where people are trained to perform transplants or can take care of post-transplant patients,” Titiyal said.

The application should be operational in six months.

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