Alex Hammerstone releases a 5-track album under the name “Blown Away Luna”


Major League Wrestling has a multi-talented heavyweight world champion.

Alex Hammerstone has released a new album under the name “Blown Away Luna”. Hammerstone, who plays guitar and drums, and provides vocals on the album much like Dave Grohl did in 1995, said he would be open to taking the project on the road if he could find local musicians. who were ready to join him.

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During an interview with Darren Paltrowitz in the summer of 2021, talked about being in music before being in wrestling and named The Strokes as his favorite band.

“Yeah, one of the reasons I’ve been successful in wrestling – because a lot of people get into wrestling and they go to wrestling school and they learn all the bumps and the rolls and the maneuvers and how to do everything in the sound all the technical stuff and then they graduated to have matches then they wrestle for another year or two trying to figure out how to be a performer I got into wrestling school in as a performer. I was like, ‘Put me in front of people. I’m going to give myself a microphone. I’m comfortable. Put me in front of a crowd. I’m comfortable.’ Because I had already spent those years playing as a musician.”

The 5 track album is available on Spotify and Apple Music and you can check it below:

Next, in a wrestling capacity, for Hammerstone is a match against his former friend, Richard Holliday, at MLW Kings of Colosseum. Learn more here.

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