All contract details released for Edwin Diaz recording deal


Credit: Dale Zanine – USA TODAY

Earlier this week the New York Mets have announced that their deal with closer star Edwin Díaz is official. The five-year, $102 million deal set the record for the largest overall contract awarded to a reliever, the highest average annual value for a reliever and finally, the largest signing bonus also at $12 million. .

The Associated press released additional details of the deal. Here’s how the salary breaks down each season:

  • 2023: $17.25 million
  • 2024: $17.25 million
  • 2025: $17.5 million

Díaz then has a player option he must choose after the 2025 season for the next two seasons:

  • 2026: $18.5 million
  • 2027: $18.5 million

The Mets then have their own $17.25 million option with a $1 million buyout for the 2028 season.

Next are the details of the $26.5 million contract that is being carried over. The Mets will defer $5.5 million per year from 2023 through 2025 and $5 million per year into 2026 and 2027. Díaz will receive that deferred money beginning July 1, 2033, at $2.65 million per year until in 2042.

The contract will count as $18.6 million per year for luxury tax purposes.

The contract also gives Díaz a full no-trade clause for the 2025 season and then a 10-team no-trade for the remainder of the contract.

There are several bonuses built into the deal, including $100,000 for World Series MVP and Reliever of the Year, $50,000 for All-Star Selection, Gold Glove, League Championship Series MVP or Cy Young, and $25,000 for finishing second in the Cy Young vote and $10,000 for third.

Díaz, 29, is coming off one of the best relief seasons in Mets franchise history when he posted a 1.31 ERA and struck out 50.2% of the batters he faced. in 2022.

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