Amazon’s Comixology removes in-app purchases for Android users, again irritating readers


ComiXology users, especially those using Android devices, aren’t exactly thrilled right now. Indeed, Amazon removed in-app purchases for Android uses following Google Play Store policy updates. According RBC, ComiXology announced that Android users will no longer be able to purchase comics, graphic novels, manga or subscribe to ComiXology Unlimited starting May 31 when using the ComiXology app on Android, especially with the release of version 4.01 of the application. Android users can still read books in their libraries, browse and preview samples in the app.

“To stay compliant with updated Google Play Store policies, purchase is no longer supported in the ComiXology app for Android,” a statement on ComiXology’s website reads. “ComiXology readers can continue to read and browse, and subscribed members can continue to checkout within the app as they normally do. By browsing within the app, readers can add items they wish to purchase at their listings, which are also accessible on Amazon’s website.Customers can continue to purchase books, magazines, and comics as well as subscription content on Amazon’s website.

While this update probably won’t make Android users particularly happy, ComiXology has been delivering updates and improvements over the past few months as per a promise they made after phasing out the ComiXology Player as part of incorporation into parent company Amazon’s website. . This particular move was not well received by fans and creators.

“We’ve been busy making updates since launching our updated ComiXology app and new store,” ComiXology tweeted in March. “We have listened to your feedback and will continue to share updates and new features as they are released – this is just the beginning.”

As for the current change for Android. users, ComiXology explained how users can continue to buy comics even with the new limitations. According to the site, “Customers wishing to purchase comics can visit the comics store homepage (US) and (UK) in your favorite web browser. There you can browse or search comics you are interested in and click “Buy Now 1-Click” to purchase. All comics purchased or borrowed from Amazon’s website will appear in your library in the web browser. ComiXology application to be read.

Additionally, ComiXology noted that all comics purchased and borrowed by customers will remain in their library, while new comics purchased from Amazon’s website after the update will also appear in the library and app. .

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