Amid online fraud, Maha’s cyber department asks citizens to avoid video calls, friend requests from strangers: Newsdrum


Mumbai, Aug 7 (PTI) The Cyber ​​Department of Maharashtra has asked people to remain vigilant against online fraud and not to respond to video calls, friend requests from strangers and threatening calls from people posing as police officers.

The state’s cyber department has received several such complaints, as well as people being tricked under the guise of electricity bills, through lending apps and online marketplaces, a department official said.

People should be aware before applying for anything online or by clicking on a link, he said.

There have been cases of women being seen in poor condition during video calls and then of fraudsters posing as Delhi Cyber ​​Police officers to extort money from people, he said.

People should not accept video calls from unknown numbers. If they receive the call again, they should block that number or contact local police and let them know, the official said. Also, people should not accept friend requests from strangers. In most of these cases, the scammers use photos of women, gain people’s trust, and then attempt to extort money from them by threatening to sue, he said.

The state’s cyber department has received about 400 complaints about callers threatening people by saying their power supply will be cut off due to non-payment of dues, he said.

Before doing any dealings with such callers, people should contact the power company’s customer service cell, check their power meter, or ask the company if they have hired someone to call on their behalf, a- he said.

The official also said that there have been recent cases of people committing suicide due to harassment by loan application officers.

“We ask people not to borrow small amounts like Rs 2,000 or Rs 10,000 through online applications because many of them engage in extortion. People should go to banks for loans “, did he declare.

The e-department has also received about 200 fraud complaints, with fraudsters posing as representatives of online marketplaces offering to buy and sell various products, he said.

In such cases, people should not pay money online. They should have physical communication with buyers/sellers and pay cash, the manager said. PTI ZA GK GK

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