Amputee athletes tell how charities helped get them back on track in Nissan ads


Nissan, in conjunction with two-time Paralympic gold medalist Richard Whitehead MBE, the Richard Whitehead Foundation and charities SportedUK, have released films highlighting the difficulties that amputee athletes have to go through.

One of the films, created by Dark Horses and directed by David Lieb and photographer Nathan Gallagher, tells the story of 24-year-old Walid from Sudan. He talks about his moving story when he was shot in the leg in Sudan, which led to an amputation. With an ill-fitting prosthesis, he could no longer leave the house or play football. Walid, who now lives in the UK, has connected with the Richard Whitehead Foundation on social media and is now one of the beneficiaries of the Nissan Possibilities project.

As part of the project, he received a new running prosthesis, which helped him bounce back on the running track. Walid talks about the support of the Nissan Possibilities Project and how it allowed him to “create peace with his disability”. Inspired by his own struggle, he is now studying prosthetics and orthotics at university.

Three more films starring Becca, Gabriella and Tayla will also be released soon and will show how these Ossur running prostheses – coupled with support from the two charities – are now allowing them to live more active lives and play sports.

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