Ang Thong drum set to get the GI mark


The Geographical Indication (GI) registration process for Ang Thong Traditional Drum is accelerated to ensure that by the end of the year all provinces in Thailand have their own GI product.

Thosapone Dunsuputra, director general of the Intellectual Property Department, said the IG recording of Ang Thong’s Ekkarat drum is expected to be completed this year.

Although the inhabitants of Tambon Ekkarat in Pa Mok District have inherited their skills in traditional singing, Ekkarat drums require special craft skills as well as special wood, rain trees and special cowhide.

Presented as a living museum, the drum-making village was selected as a model of creative economy by the Ministry of Commerce in 2011.

Last month, the government added Thong Dee Ban Thaen pomelos, Manila Pet Non Thai tamarind, Bang Khla aromatic coconuts and Ratchaburi dragon pots to the country’s GI list to generate income for them. local communities.

The addition brings the number of Thai indigenous products with GI registration from the Ministry of Commerce to 124 products in 76 provinces, leaving only one province, Ang Thong, yet to register a GI product.

GI is a distinctive certificate used to identify a product as originating in a particular country, region or locality which possesses specific qualities, reputation or other unique characteristics.

Certification of unique characteristics and quality generally increases market value in developed countries.

Thong Dee Ban Thaen pomelos are from Chaiyaphum, Manila Pet Non Thai tamarind is from Nakhon Ratchasima, Aromatic Bang Khla coconuts are from Chachoengsao, and Ratchaburi dragon pots are from Ratchaburi province.

On February 18 last year, the cabinet ordered the Home Office to encourage each province to develop GI products to generate income.

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