Angel Olsen & Madi Diaz Share New Collaborative Track “Forever (New Feelings Version)”


Angel Olsen and Madi Diaz share new collaborative track

Singer-songwriter Madi Diaz has released a new track titled “Forever (New Feelings Version),” featuring singer Angel Olsen as guest vocalist. The new single is a reinterpretation of his track “Forever”, released last year on his previous album.

The new rendition of “Forever” is radically different from the original version released just 6 months prior; with the new edition reducing the song to a piano and acoustic guitar-based sound without drums. The introduction of Angel Olsen as a guest vocalist in the new version allows the artists to craft stunning harmonies that dominate much of the song, creating a stunning new element of beauty on an already hypnotic track. Far from being a simple reissue of old tracks, the New Feelings version of “Forever” is a reimagined track with all-new atmospheres and emotions, creating a listening experience remarkably distinct from the original. Listen to “Forever (New Feelings Version)” via YouTube below.

This new rendition of “Forever” is one of four tracks Madi Diaz has released on her new EP, Same story, new feelings. The four tracks on the EP are reinterpreted versions of old songs Diaz has released in the past, including his “Resentment”, “History of a Feeling” and “Old Person, New Place”, with the new versions featuring features artists Waxahatchee, Natalie Hemby and Courtney Marie Andrews. sound of consequence quotes Diaz explaining that the idea behind the reinterpretation of her old work came from listening to Whitney Houston on Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”, explaining that “A universe of power is in this song although the artists who sing it come from two different worlds.”

Recently, Madi Diaz performed alongside Waxahatchee on Waxahatchee’s ongoing Winter/Spring 2022 Tour, and is expected to continue performing on the tour in April.

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