Back to the Future: Engines, Marketing and the Ultimate Mobile App


For anyone looking for a new engine, you better have a spare £20,000 lying around – for a used engine. Microchip shortages and ULEZ restrictions have pushed the average price of a used car to £20,000, with prices rising for the 93rd consecutive week.

When you look at the auto market today, disruptions are happening everywhere. The AZ guide was replaced by GPS navigation apps such as Waze, just as the car market was revolutionized by the VW Beetle “people’s car” and later the Mini, born out of economic necessity in response to the oil crisis.

Today, Citroën may have its own modern innovation with the 100% electric Citroën Ami “quadricycle”. You’d be forgiven for thinking it looks a little familiar, taking inspiration from the revolutionary Citroën 2CV, which ceased production in 1990 – but it’s just as charming and functional, as well as better for the environment. It’s supposed to be the sleekest and most technologically interesting concept car. What’s more, it’s just £6,000 for an all-new model, and it’s set to hit the streets of the UK later this year – transforming urban driving and bringing electric car ownership to the masses.

Cars are the ultimate mobile marketing tool, providing greater opportunities for marketers to meet their customers on the go. With our own car enthusiast running the business, The Drum saw this as an opportunity to partner with Citroën and Waze so that co-founder and editor Gordon Young could test drive the new Citroën Ami, bringing on the advice of retail experts to discuss the pivotal role he will play in marketing and the evolution of retail.

Stay tuned and join Young as he ditches the AZ guide in favor of the Waze app and heads to London to put the Citroën Ami through its paces. It will feature Katy Allison, Head of Media Strategy – Food, M&S, and Richard Atkins, Head of Digital Production and Partner, BBH, Tesco’s creative agency, who explore how in-vehicle advertising offers contextual and creative targeting capabilities smart for brands and retailers. to capture users on the go and drive foot traffic to their stores.

The video follows the first trip The Drum and Waze picked up in 2020, where Young was seen driving through the countryside on his way to London in a 120-year-old Darracq in a pair of vintage driving goggles, before Quickly switch to the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace to complete the journey. Find the latest episode here.

Stay tuned for the full video with the launch of Waze on March 9 for a first look at the car of the future and a better understanding of how in-car marketing is transforming the future of retail.

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