Bauer Media, The Economist, Digital Spy, Elle: Meet the 2020 Drum Online Media Awards Jury


Bauer Media, The Economist, Elle, The Sun, Den of Geek and Digital Spy are among the many editors called upon to judge The Drum Online Media Awards 2020.

Earlier this year, it was announced that David Tomchak, digital editor of The Evening Standard, would chair the jury.

Celebrating its 10th year, these awards recognize global content and original, smart and engaging business solutions.

The Jury 2020 will see various publishers and broadcasters from Bauer to The Sun and Reach to the BBC.

Who is part of this year’s Jury?

Below are 10 of this year’s jury members, with more names added daily to the group:

Sarah jones

Sarah Jones Reports LLC

Sarah jones


Jones is an award-winning US-based journalist with a strong social media presence and over a decade of mainstream television news experience. She is one of the twenty best young North American leaders chosen by the Friends of Europe. While Jones covers a range of global and US news, she is among the top 40 social media influencers for conversations around artificial intelligence.

For journalism-based articles – I’m looking for out-of-the-box approaches that help keep audiences informed and don’t compromise editorial standards. For ads, I’m looking for original approaches that make you feel something or engage audiences in ways that aren’t ordinary. Different is good. We are bombarded too much with the same and our audiences have evolved and continue to evolve rapidly with the way they consume information and the plethora of options available to them.

Jim foster

Bauer Consumer Media United Kingdom

Jim foster

responsible for electronic publishing

Jim joined David Hall Publishing (DHP) directly from the university in 1996. He became an editor in 1997 before becoming editor in 2003, leaving DHP in 2007 to join Haymarket as an editor in their B2B division. His first foray into the world of digital publishing followed in 2010, when he joined Autosport to run their paid digital content business. Here he worked on digital subscriber acquisition strategies, including optimizing payment and conversion journeys through extensive AB and multivariate testing. He also oversaw the construction and launch of Autosport’s first iOS and Android apps. A move to Bauer Media followed in 2012, where he started Bauer’s electronic publishing business, which he now runs. With over a decade of online publishing and apps experience, he is passionate about digital media and is constantly on the lookout for new revenue and growth opportunities. In 2019, he was the driving force behind Bauer’s decision to launch 16 titles on Apple News + in time for the platform’s UK rollout in September.

A clear passion for the work you do is key. What really sets you apart from your competition? Do you really go the extra mile to market your brand online, or does your content stand out from the crowd? Anything that pushes the boundaries and is original, will stand out. Of course, with my publisher’s hat, demonstrating that there is a clear business benefit for the company will help, too.

Priya Matadeen

Media stunned

Priya Matadeen

General manager

Priya began her career in creative agencies at Agency Republic, Wieden and Kennedy and BBDO, managing accounts for blue chip clients, mentored by Justin Pahl and Cilla Snowball. She then decided to specialize more in fashion and luxury and moved to Spring Studios. Priya then moved from Spring Studios to Vice Media. Her proudest achievement as CEO of Virtue (Vice’s creative agency) has partnered with CHANEL to create a platform celebrating female creativity – The Fifth Sense: en_gb / A year-long platform containing daily editorials, film, print and events working with talents like Es Devlin and Harley Weir. Priya then briefly joined British Vogue before taking on the role of Managing Director at Dazed Media; work closely with Susanne Waddell and Jefferson Hack to define the group’s strategy; building on the reputation of youth culture and pop provocateurs. In her spare time, Priya mentors young talent in the creative industries and sits on the boards of Creative Equals, Pitch, Media for All and Gal Dem.

When you participate in these awards, you must want to prove the effectiveness of your creativity, against the backdrop of the best companies in the industry. I am looking for innovation, passion and energy.

Jonathan Hunt


Jonathan Hunt

Executive Vice President, Marketing and Audience Development

Hunt is executive vice president of marketing and audience development for Complex Networks, where he leads the marketing, public relations, business intelligence, and pay media and audience development teams to drive brand awareness, the preference and engagement with the brands, intellectual property, b2c and b2b of Complex Networks. and other big business initiatives.

This year, I am very excited to see the people, teams, products and innovations that best reflect the direction of digital media: they are more atomized and diverse than ever, but also aspire to become more personal and community at a time when both are becoming merchants; it is based on real human knowledge, not just quantitative; and he prioritizes brand, voice and perspective above all else because without them it’s nearly impossible to get through.

Laurence Mozafari

Digital spy

Laurence Mozafari


Mozafari is a multi-award winning digital publisher with ten years of experience in digital publishing. Currently editor of Digital Spy and host of BBC Sounds’ Obsessed With Peaky Blinders podcast. He was previously editor of the Heat magazine website and also teaches digital journalism at City, University of London and Nottingham Trent. Additionally, Laurence has worked for NME, FHM, Sky News and the BBC.

Digital journalism is at its best when you can harness the wonders of data and technology to see what really works online, then forge it with the core journalistic values ​​of news and big story telling. So I hope to see some powerful examples of how media tools have been used to create great content with meaningful evidence and statistics to prove that they are truly connected with audiences.

Natasha Bird


Natasha Bird


Bird is the (digital) editor-in-chief of ELLE and the right-hand man to editor-in-chief Farrah Storr. Over the past four years, she has designed ELLE’s digital and social strategy and led her team through a period of strong growth. Previously she was a style editor at Yahoo UK and prior to that she held posts or wrote for The Sun, Stylist, Mail Online and The Cut of the New York Times.

For the past two years, digital journalism has ignored its reputation as a place exclusively for LOLcats, memes and celebrity gossip. And while I love a good LOLcat, I am proud that we have entered a brilliant phase in which some of the most impressive exhibits of investigative journalism and sometimes historical narratives are taking place on the internet. Digital media has established itself as the place to push innovative and original ideas, write with integrity and tone, and be truly impactful. And that’s the kind of thing I’m going to look for among the entrees. The bar is high!

Rosie Fletcher

Digital at Dennis

Rosie Fletcher

British Editor, Den of Geek

Fletcher is the UK publisher of Den Of Geek. Journalist for over 15 years, she worked for Digital Spy, Total Film magazine, DVD & Blu-ray Review and Which? magazine and launched a quarterly crime drama magazine called Crime Scene. She is also a regular columnist and critic of books, films and TV shows for SFX magazine and has worked freelance for Stylist, BAFTA, Metal Hammer, TechRadar, Eurogamer and many more.

In these awards, I will be looking primarily for great writers who know and understand what their audience wants. In-depth research, innovative angles and a creative approach, whatever the field, are the key and originality will always be there. Where appropriate, a social conscience or a higher goal than traffic or business gain would also be nice to see. While there is nothing wrong with traffic and trading gain …

Keith poole

The sun

Keith poole

Associate Editor

Poole started his journalism in 1997 with a local press group in Kent before joining the Press Association as a reporter, followed by the Evening Standard. He joined the Daily Mail in 2002 before becoming editor-in-chief in 2007. In 2011, he went digital with MailOnline. Poole spent three years in New York with MailOnline as US Editor-in-Chief, then returned to the UK in 2014 to open a global office for MailOnline before taking on The Sun’s new free website challenge in January 2016 .

Trusted and relevant journalism has never been in greater demand, and it has been a vintage year. I look forward to the awards featuring the best of the best.

Simon swift

Good Housekeeping

Simon swift

editor-in-chief (digital)

Simon Swift is Editor-in-Chief (Digital) at Good Housekeeping. For the past four years, he has overseen the site’s strategy ensuring that this heritage brand reaches new audiences, including developing the site’s successful food video strategy. He was previously responsible for community content at, growing his team of passionate and insightful contributors.

A passion for data and using it to create brilliant, believable ideas. I can’t wait to see submissions from teams and individuals who truly understand what makes their brand valuable in a crowded marketplace and can use digital innovation to leverage it.

Marc Cripps

The Economist

Marc Cripps

Marketing Director

Cripps is CMO for The Economist, having worked in the US and London offices. His main task is to oversee the management and marketing of the brand. Previously, he was Regional Director EVP Asia at McCann Hong Kong where he was responsible for the MRM / McCann network at regional level.

The Drum Online Media Awards give you a global platform to showcase the incredible work you do. Depending on the category, I would like to see submissions that make me sit down and wish I had been involved. I want to see a job that works, a job that moves and I want to know more about the teams that are responsible.

For more information, see the rewards site now. The registration deadline is February 14.

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