BEATiFY AUDIO announces its OFFICIAL RELEASE OF IOS and ANDROID APPLICATIONS for the end of January 2022


Verified Artists Melissa B releases single ‘Physical’, New Jack sound legend Teddy Riley embarks with BEATiFY. The multiple world record holder and BEATiFY are teaming up to support DO Gibson’s inaugural Black Canadian 365 virtual lecture and artist B. Howard BEATiFY has released his latest single, “DON’T BE A STRANGER” on BEATiFY.

TORONTO, Feb. 08 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BEATiFY announced on Christmas Day the highly anticipated mobile release of the popular web app. The OFFICIAL BEATiFY AUDIO APP will be available on Appstore for IOS and Google Playstore for Android from February 18, 2022.

The BEATiFY app is a music streaming app and uses blockchain technology to pay artists fairly and efficiently. The music app allows fans to engage and contribute to the careers of their favorite musicians in a direct and real way. BEATiFY streamlines the royalty and song payment process, protects intellectual property, and pays the musician in real time. It offers users a unique way to discover their favorite musicians/creators and gives musicians/creators full control over their own music portfolio.

Metadata secures proper and simple payables/receivables in the form of a smart contract and gives 10x higher revenue to artists. This is only available using today’s emerging technology.

The BEATiFY token is fully ERC20 compliant and will be available for purchase with USDT on Polygon. Symbol: $SONG

$SONG lets musicians own and manage their work, allows for greater network security, and exclusive access to features. The BEATiFY protocol gives everyone the freedom to share, monetize and listen to any audio file. Through $SONG, users can have their voices heard on the future of the platform through active contributions to the network. The Spotify alternative helps artists creatively monetize their work by engaging more with their fans.

Melissa B Exclusive release on BEATiFY

“PHYSICAL” is the new song written by B. Howard, produced by B. Howard, Kyle Beatz and engineered by Grammy winner Michael Ashby, who was responsible for recording Cardi B’s song “Bodak Yellow”. “PHYSICAL” is a straight R&B cut with a smooth dance groove where Melissa B. gives you that great R&B track. This R&B song is about connecting with your lover, giving them the love and attention they deserve. This song is a combination of mechanical instruments and Melissa’s beautiful melodic voice.

“PHYSICAL” will be available on BEATIFY, the first fair blockchain streaming platform. Then a month later on all digital providers and all streaming providers and released via Amada Records.

New sound legend Jack Teddy Riley embarks with BEATiFY

BEATiFY is thrilled to have New Jack Sound legend Teddy Riley join BEATiFY. Teddy and his team will be uploading their new recordings to BEATiFY starting in March 2022.

Teddy has fused hip hop and R&B in his production work with artists including Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Keith Sweat, Samantha Mumba, Doug E. Fresh, Today, Heavy D & the Boyz, Hi-Five, Men of Vizion and Profyle, as well as its spearhead groups Guy and Blackstreet. Riley’s consistency and drumming ideas had some influence on modern R&B, which since then features more samples and segments of rapping as well as singing, a practice partly reminiscent of the Jackson family. Along with neo-soul style singers such as Marvin Gaye, he was instrumental in gospel and R&B music, which became more open to the use of rap and sound effects in their recordings.

Duane ‘DO’ Gibson Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Ontario Schools Motivational Tour

announces the first Black Canadian 365 virtual conference

BEATiFY artist and Canadian hip-hop artist, author, Guinness World Record holder (longest freestyle rap) and motivational speaker Duane ‘DO’ Gibson announces the launch of the 20th anniversary of his motivational school tour titled Black Canadian 365: Still Driven. The tour will kick off virtually Jan. 4 at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Elementary School in Markham, Ont., inspiring young people in a celebration of Black Canadian excellence.

Gibson is also announcing an exciting new venture by launching the inaugural, virtual Black 365 conference on February 8, 2022 in support of Black History Month. The conference will draw an audience of more than 20,000 students from school classes across Canada, where Gibson will rap, motivate and speak about the contributions of Black Canadians throughout history. Due to ongoing pandemic concerns, the February school visit and conference will be held virtually.

“I am thrilled to continue the Black Canadian 365 tour. This is my 20th anniversary of performing Stay Driven shows in schools. As a fifth generation Black Canadian, I want to continue spreading the lessons my family taught me. One of the powerful lessons of black history is how people changed the world, and I think that’s a great lesson for kids to learn during this difficult time.

DO Gibson – Black Canadian 365: Still Driven Tour can be found here

Musician and producer B. Howard launches Don’t Be A Stranger on BEATiFY

Artist BEATiFY B. Howard is no stranger to R&B, his love for rhythm and blues stemming from his childhood. Coming from one of the best backgrounds in the industry, B. Howard’s vocal ability is at the forefront, displaying great power and ultimately transitioning into a mix of genres.

In 2022, B. Howard released his latest single, “DON’T BE A STRANGER”, available on all BEATiFYs, along with the official music video which premiered on YouTube. “DON’T BE A STRANGER” is both rhythmic and has soulful blues vibes. You can find B. Howard on all social media platforms at @BHOWARDOFFICIAL.

To learn more about our blockchain music streaming service, contact BEATiFY at [email protected]

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