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Tired of all the filters and perfectly organized images on Instagram? Maybe BeReal, a new form of social media, is the app for you?

Allowing you only two minutes to share a photo and remove likes and followers, BeReal is an attempt to allow users to do just that… be real.

How does BeReal work?

After you download the app, every day at a random time, you are given a two-minute deadline to take a photo of whatever you’re doing at that time.

And use this photo wisely because it is the only one you will be allowed on that day.

While you hold your phone to take a photo of what you can see in front of you, your phone’s rear camera will also take a selfie of you.

Then all you have to do is post it.

While the app is designed for sharing photos with friends (more like SnapChat than Instagram), you can also explore public content BUT only if you’ve already posted an image yourself. If you haven’t approved any of your two-minute photos, you can’t view other people’s photos.

There is also, just like SnapChat, a map feature that lets you see where your contacts are in the world.

SEE Love Islander’s 2021 Instagram Earnings

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ten) @georgialouiseharrison – £ 2,019 per publication
Georgia Harrison of Love Island 2017 kicks off last place. If this 26-year-old did just one sponsored post per month, she could earn a comfortable annual salary of £ 24,000 (… and she does more than one per month, for the record).

anton danyluk instagram earnings

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9) @anton_danyluk – £ 2,244 per message
Then we have Anton Danyluk from Love Island 2019. In February 2020, Anton declared three ADs on his Insta feed – if we inflated that to an annual salary, the 25-year-old would make £ 80,000. Wowza.

Gabby Allen's Instagram earnings

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8) @gabbydawnallen – £ 2,381 per post
Following Anton, Gabby Allen from Love Island 2017. In November 2020, Gabby posted six official announcements on her News Feed – most of our influencers to date. Adding this up over a year, Gabby’s theoretical salary would be drum roll £ 170,000. Maybe we should sign up for Love Island 2021 …

Kaz crossley's instagram earnings

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seven) @kazcrossley – £ 2,645 per post
In seventh position is Love Island 2018’s Kaz Crossley. Currently in Dubai, Kaz has posted two announcements this month so far, although she often posts more. Based on her #spon content this month, Kaz’s expected salary would be around £ 60,000, increasing by £ 30,000 per year for each additional ad she regularly posts each month.

Laura Anderson instagram earnings

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6) @ lauraanderson1x – £ 3,113 per post
In sixth position (yet they are all winners with these salaries …) is the former flight attendant Laura Anderson. She made two official announcements this month, bringing her potential salary to £ 74,000. But, like all influencers, ads aren’t the end. Influencers can get paid for things like exposure, and more often than not, they can be paid for experiences and products – e.g. mini breaks, clothing, etc.

zara mcdermott instagram earnings

6 of ten


5) @zara_mcdermott – £ 3,143 per post
Get into the biggest names now. Zara McDermott comes in fifth with £ 3,143 per post. That’s what the 24-year-old could earn just via her Instagram, not to mention her contract with Made in Chelsea, her new range of fitness clothing with Missguided – for this very promising influencer, the possibilities are endless.

Shaughna Phillips Instagram Results

seven of ten


4) @shaughnaphillips – £ 3,294 per post
Next up, and more of a surprise entry, is Love Island 2020’s Shaughna Phillips. It’s been less than a year since this islander left the villa and she already sits in one of the top spots for her potential earnings on Insta. She’s posted three ads this month, bringing her expected salary to £ 118,000, but we feel social media is just the tip of the iceberg for this one.

alex bowen instagram earnings

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3) @ab_bowen – £ 3,412 per post
In our top three, Alex Bowen was the Love Island Series 2 finalist along with his wife Olivia. The couple have been somewhat of a powerful couple since leaving the villa, and it’s no surprise the brands are willing to pay for the youngster’s massive 1.6 million subscriber exposure. 28 years. Yet £ 3,412 – that’s 11% of the UK’s median income (in 2019, according to the ONS).

Tommy Fury's Instagram Gains

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2) @tommytntfury – £ 6,724 per post
… followed by half of what is arguably the UK’s most influential couple, Mr Tommy Fury. Tommy is making almost double Alex’s earnings by post with a whopping £ 6,724 and that doesn’t even include his earnings as a professional boxer.

molly-mae hague instagram earnings

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1) @mollymaehague – £ 10,690 per post
And finally, Molly-Mae Hague, Love Island’s biggest influencer. It’s absolutely no surprise that Molly has created her own tan brand, a babein ‘collection with PLT and her own YouTube channel with 1.43 million subscribers. All of this in the two years since she and Tommy became Love Island finalists. This girl is a savvy businesswoman and she should not be disturbed, if you ask us.

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Why should I download BeReal?

Since you can only watch people’s photos if you’ve posted them yourself in real time, cat fishing isn’t really going to be a thing. In fact, if you’re like us, two minutes isn’t enough time to get a decent picture, so you might end up being the opposite of a catfish… A dogfish if you will…

It’s really simple to use and the interface looks a lot like our other beloved social media apps like Instagram.

Goodbye filters. It’s time to be natural on social media.

No endless scrolling. Once you’ve seen your friends’ downloads, unless you’re viewing public accounts, that’s it for the day.

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What is wrong with that?

While this is a major breakthrough from Instagram’s toxicity, BeReal is still a social media, which means the comparisons between you and other content creators are still there, without filters.

Additionally, in order to get the most out of the app, you should turn on your notifications so that you can see the current ads to be posted. Okay, most of the notifications are silent, but that won’t stop your phone from turning on every now and then.

While BeReal doesn’t yet have a major following, brands like Mob Kitchen are already hitting the ground running, so expect big things.

After some major influencers like Elle Darby fell this year… maybe BeReal is just what we need!

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