Best Turkeys to Order Online in 2022


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  • Thanksgiving dinner is already complicated enough – simplify your preparation by buying a tasty turkey online.
  • You want 1-1.5 pounds of turkey per guest, and be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to thaw it.
  • We recommend buying turkeys from reputable breeders who breed for flavor and raise the birds humanely.

Cooking a turkey presents unique challenges, especially trying to manage it while making multiple sides, coordinating the family, and weaving the pie crust. Common turkey pitfalls include buying a turkey that is too big or too small for your pick, not defrosting it in time, or making it bland or dry. We can help you make sure you start with a marathon-worthy turkey and give you tips on how to cook and carve it like a pro.

Most turkeys in the United States are raised for quick muscle gain and portability, rather than flavor. Having spent nearly a decade in the specialty food business, I can tell you that skipping meat raised by responsible farmers leads to a more memorable and flavorful meal. Here are a few that will wow your guests, all from suppliers we consider to be the best.

Here are the best turkeys you can buy online in 2022

Best Heritage Turkey: D’Artagnan Heritage Turkey, available at D’Artagnan, from $165.99
Juicy free-range turkey from breeds valued for their flavor.

Best Organic Turkey: D’Artagnan Organic turkey, available at D’Artagnan, from $75.99
Hybrid turkey humanely raised and available in several different sizes.

The best fried turkey: Cajun Mild Deep Fried Turkey, available at Goldbelly, $129.95
Fried turkey, with a lightly spiced seasoning and no fire hazard.

Best Large Turkey: Willie Bird Fresh Free-Range Pre-Saved Organic Turkey, 20-22 lbs, available at Williams Sonoma, $319.95
Tasty, huge, and pre-brined with fresh apples and herbs to save time.

The best turkey for a small feast: Grass Roots Farmers Co-op Turkey Drumsticks, available at Grass Roots Farmer Co-op, $16.95
Crispy skin and dark meat, without cooking a whole bird.

Best turducken: Petit Turducken with Cajun Pork Cornbread Stuffing from Hebert’s Specialty Meats, available at Goldbelly, $149.95
Herbet’s Turducken has a cornbread filling between layers of turkey, duck and chicken.

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