Billie Eilish and FINNEAS Share New Balladic Track “1 True Love” From Disney’s Turning Red


Billie Eilish and FINNEAS share new Balladic track

After releasing her song ‘Happier Than Ever’, popular alternative artist Billie Eilish is back with her famous brother FINNEAS, as they share a new track for the new Disney Pixar movie Become red.

The track “1 True Love” features fictional pop-boy band 4*Town. FINNEAS, Topher Ngo, Jordan Fisher, Grayson Villanueva and Josh Levi share their vocals for other new tracks from the film such as “Nobody Like U” and “U Know What’s Up”. Not only did FINNEAS perform beautiful vocals throughout the soundtrack, but he and Eilish were also responsible for writing all the songs, according to sound consequences.

“1 True Love” begins with a piano solo, followed by the vocals of the fictional band. FINNEAS then begins the love story of the song, “Heavy rain from my cloudy eyes”. FINNEAS’ voice completes the slow rhythm of the first verse. The chorus “You’re my one true love” is repeated several times, until the song takes on a heavy base twist. Electric guitar and drums enhance the track’s rhythm, as FINNEAS lifts and boosts its pitch to capture the hard beats. Even the lyrics are noticeably different from first and second base. The lines go from “I walked past your house 29 times today” to “I walked past your house 10,000 times last year”.

by Disney Pixar turn red is a coming-of-age story about a teenage girl named Mei, who transforms into a red panda when her emotions heighten. The film is also set in the early 2000s, accurately depicting the era of Tamagotchiesflip phones and boy bands.

turn red is streaming on Disney+ now.


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