Bobcat T7X – The world’s first all-electric compact track loader


Doosan Bobcat unveiled its new all-electric Bobcat T7X compact track loader at CES® 2022, the world’s most influential technology event, held this month in Las Vegas, USA. The T7X is the first machine of its type to be fully electric, providing all the benefits of eliminating hydraulics, components, emissions and vibration, while delivering a cleaner, quieter machine.

The Bobcat T7X received two 2022 CES Innovation Awards in the Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation and Smart Cities categories. The CES Innovation Awards program recognizes winners in a multitude of technology product categories and recognizes the highest-scoring in each.

The Bobcat T7X was initially developed for the North American market, but internal testing and collection of customer feedback is planned for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region to identify its market potential.

At the forefront of innovation

Scott Park, President and CEO of Doosan Bobcat, said, “Doosan Bobcat is at the forefront of innovation, and we are proud to introduce the T7X’s all-electric technology to help customers maximize both durability and productivity. Our goal remains to provide solutions and products that enable people to achieve more and build a better world.

The Bobcat T7X is the world’s first all-electric compact track loader. This machine is fully battery powered, designed to be more productive from the ground up with electric actuation and propulsion, quieter with high performance torque, and more powerful than any diesel-powered track loader that has it. never before – while eliminating all carbon dioxide emissions.

“This machine is a technological feat for Bobcat and for the industry as a whole,” said Joel Honeyman, vice president of global innovation at Doosan Bobcat. “We have challenged the status quo to deliver a connected, all-electric machine designed for power and performance that was not possible before. We are thrilled to share this breakthrough with the world and proud of the hard work that has gone into to make it a reality.

Provide an EMEA perspective

Commenting on future plans for the EMEA region, Vijay Nerva, Innovation Manager at Doosan Bobcat EMEA, said: “The T7X has been developed for the North American market for now, but it fills a need and a global challenge. We plan to undergo internal testing and gather feedback from customers in various countries in EMEA this year to better understand customer needs in this market before making business decisions.

The advanced technology and design of the T7X Compact Track Loader

In the T7X, the traditional hydraulic workgroup has been completely replaced by an electric drive system consisting of electric cylinders and electric drive motors, which means virtually no fluids. The new all-electric Bobcat T7X uses just under a liter of environmentally friendly coolant, compared to around 216 liters of coolant in its diesel/hydraulic equivalent model.
The all-electric platform provides instant power and peak torque available at every operating speed. The operator no longer has to wait for the standard hydraulic system to ramp up.

The T7X operates with zero emissions and reduces noise and vibration generated by the machine. It operates quietly and efficiently in noise-sensitive areas and indoors, significantly reducing noise levels and improving the working environment. It can also significantly reduce day-to-day operating costs, given the reduction in annual maintenance costs and the elimination of diesel, engine oil, diesel exhaust fluid and hydraulic parts.

At the heart of the T7X is a powerful 62 kW lithium-ion battery from technology partner Green Machine Equipment, Inc. While applications vary, each charge can support common daily work operations and work mode usage. smart for up to four hours of battery life. continuous run time and a full day of operation during intermittent use. Power management system intelligence is programmed to detect increasing loads, automatically shutting off power when not needed to preserve total power consumption and extend the run time of the machine.

Sunbelt Rentals Announces Commitment to Bobcat Electric Equipment

The T7X will initially only be available in the North American market, but the company intends to expand it to other regions in the future. During the company’s CES Media Days press conference, Doosan Bobcat NA (North America) announced a strategic partnership with Sunbelt Rentals, a leading company in North America with over 1025 locations, with a strong presence in Europe in the UK, Germany and France.

Through this partnership, Sunbelt Rentals is committed to investing significantly in a large fleet of Bobcat T7X compact track loaders and electric compact excavators in North America, which will be co-branded and made available in 2022 and beyond. Sunbelt Rentals will be the first national equipment rental company to adopt Bobcat’s battery-electric technology and make it available to customers, supporting the environmental, social and governance (ESG) focus of both companies.

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