Breakdown of songs: Jonas Blue and why not us


We’re back with another masterclass, this time with DJ/producer Jonas Blue, breaking down his collaborative track with Why Don’t We, “Don’t Wake Me Up.”

Jonah Blue‘s career has been felt around the world with singles like “Fast Car”, “Perfect Strangers”, “Rise”, “Mama” and “Polaroid”, collectively certified platinum over 120 times worldwide. With over 13 billion global streams and over 60 million singles sales to date, Jonas has cemented his name as a leading live DJ and pop powerhouse. He made his mark in Ibiza, having played hotspots Ushuaia and Cafe Mambo and successfully held his Electronic Nature residency at superclub Hï Ibiza.

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During the video, Jonas walks through a brief history of the track before going into the finer details of how the instrumental came together. He dives into some of the key instruments, including piano and emotive chords, guitar, drums, percussion and more, citing that during his productions he usually starts with the more melodic parts of the track. As Jonas goes through all of the song’s phrases and progressions in detail, he drops essential knowledge about his must-have plugins to beef up his sounds, EQ, layering, and more. Check out more tracks from Jonas Blue here.

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