CATS IN SPACE releases a new album and a festive title


British classic rockers CATS in SPACE have been causing a stir since their arrival in 2015. With their unique sounds, they will transport you to the heady days of classic 70s rock. and unforgettable singable choruses. It’s purring!

Originally a studio project conceived by the songwriter guitarist Greg Hart (writer for Asia, Mike Oldfield, Donna Summer, Moritz) and his writing partner Mick Wilson (10cc, ELO, Lulu, Cliff Richard) once drummer Steevi Bacon (Robin Trower, Dave Richards) joined the project which quickly turned into a full fledged rock band which recruited dean howard on the guitar (T’Pau, Ian Gillan, Bad Company) Jeff Brown on bass (Le Doux, Statetrooper) Andy Stewart to keyboards (Moritz) no longer a singer Paul Mansi (The Soft Kids/Heavy Metal)

In 2022, and after nine months in the studio, Epic’s double LP fifteen songs Launch the sun went wild, entering number one on the UK National Rock Chart and breaking into the top twenty in three other national charts. Aided by an avalanche of astonishing reviews, the new album has outsold its predecessors and the steady ascent still continues upwards.

Now that the pandemic is finally over, business can resume. The band are currently touring the UK with the legendary Cult of the blue oyster.

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