Cellini hits Tomorrowland Music with powerful track ‘Lose Yourself’


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Rising Italian-Belgian DJ and producer Cellini delivers his debut album ‘Lose Yourself’, released via Tomorrowland Music.

You lose‘ comes as a sublime melodic blend of acoustic and electronic sounds – sometimes deep and emotional, but sometimes powerful and ecstatic – with the singer to come Amos‘ voice as the icing on the cake. This excellent piece is a superb example of Cellinihis signature.

2022 is definitely Cellinithe biggest year so far! The pasta and wine lover joins the Tomorrowland Music family with his first outing ‘You lose‘ and will also perform on the first edition of the brand new Basic festival in the capital of Europe in May.

Ready to debut on the legendary Mainstage of tomorrowland this summer, in addition to hosting its own ‘Cellini and his friends‘ scene at the mythical Basic stage nestled in the enchanting forests of tomorrowlandCellini is the name to watch in the near future!

Here is what Cellini had to say about the output:

The track was built around a kalimba loop. It literally started out as a fun studio jam with no intention of going into a song structure. The battery was a natural layer and for once it felt good not to keep it 4 on the ground.

In the final phase, Amos joined me in the studio and started improvising vocals on the track. At the end, I selected a few verses from the very first take and started playing along. The track is all about intuition, sometimes it all comes together with no extra takes or extra production time.

Listen to the track below.

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