Chicago Music Exchange Launches CME Mobile App for iOS and Android


Buy, sell, trade, and browse listings for the entire Chicago Music Exchange gear collection, and be the first to hear about new product announcements and updates, using their new mobile app.

Boasting a massive selection of the latest and greatest gear the music products industry has to offer, along with an ever-changing selection of vintage and used instruments, plus a handful of rare collection, CME offers a designed retail experience unlike any other store. With the new CME mobile app, it’s easier than ever to search for any item in CME’s catalog, including new, used and vintage offers in stock or available for pre-order, from the carefully selected collections of the store.

Much like the company’s website, the CME mobile app virtually replicates the aesthetics and visual flow of the Lincoln Avenue showroom, allowing customers to browse equipment at their leisure, all in one interface. designed to help customers navigate freely between CME’s full range of distinct product categories. Additionally, the app provides notifications specifically tailored to match each customer’s unique interests in gear, past purchases, and aspirational items, keeping customers informed of the items they’ve been looking for.


  • Explore CME’s collection of over 14,000 guitars, amplifiers, synthesizers, drums/percussion, microphones, accessories and more
  • Be the first to know about new hardware arrivals, new price drops and restocking with notifications tailored to the user’s purchase history and browsing preferences
  • Access to exclusive gear and merchandise only available at the Chicago Music Exchange
  • Participate in app-specific product giveaways
  • Use their smartphone camera to upload all the information needed to sell or trade gear through the “CME Sell and Trade Form”

Available for iOS and Android devices through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the new CME mobile app is designed to aesthetically mimic the visual experience of navigating through CME’s showroom. Tailored to each customer’s specific interests and equipment needs, the CME mobile app gives users, wherever they are, immediate access to the latest equipment available in CME’s inventory. More information at:

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