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Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Trisha Sengupta

A video of two children singing a beautiful rendition of a popular Assamese love song has caused a stir online. It was the girl’s melodic voice and the boy’s incredible performance with makeshift drums that left people in awe. There’s a chance the video will leave you nodding your head to its catchy tune.

Shared on Facebook by Rupali Pranamita, the video shows the children giving an incredible performance. While the girl sings the song ‘Ei Hahi Bhaal Laage’, the boy assists her with the right rhythms. What’s even more interesting than the performance is the boy’s makeshift drum kit. It is made up of packing materials, cardboard boxes and a metal tray with banana tree trunks as a base.

Since it was shared, the video has been viewed over 4.4 lakh times – and the numbers continue to rise. In addition, it also garnered over 1,800 comments.

People expressed their happiness in the comments section of the post. Some also wrote that they absolutely loved the duo’s performance. They thanked Pranamita for sharing the video and spreading the positivity. While many wrote “khub bhalo [very good]Others simply used emojis to express themselves.

“Mind = blown away,” wrote one Facebook user. “Awesome,” said another. “It’s a pleasure to listen,” commented a third.

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