Chutzpah actor Kshitij Chauhan loves music and plays drums and he was even part of a band!


Actor Chutzpah Kshitij Chauhan loves to play music and he has a close bond with her. He played the drums the longest in college and was even part of a band. He was a regular at college music festivals and had a reputation for drawing crowds. He played the character of Prateek with great poise, as did his musical taste. It is varied, wide and transcends borders. Without much ado, let’s hear it from the man himself.

We spoke to Kshitij and this is what he said: “I’ve always wanted to learn different things since I was a kid with my studies. I played professional cricket after joining the academy. I played for my district for three years. The guitar was too cliché so I decided to learn something on the drums. I would love to learn to sing but I’m very bad at it. I joined my school and college group. We used to participate in different competitions and we won a lot of them. Our group’s name was called Diversified Path. I have great memories of jamming in college and everything. I love music and I would be a musician if not an actor. I try out different instruments. I have a cajon that I play, a tongue drum, a drum set. A tongue drum is an improvisation instrument where you get meditation music. I like to play and listen to music. I have a very wide range of musical tastes, whether it’s slow and upbeat, indie, rock or studio coke. I have a very close connection with music.

It’s a long list of instruments. We might even have to Googling a few. But one thing is assured that we know this guy loves music and how.

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