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Producer chemist released the first track from their upcoming debut EP, ‘Reunion’.

This offering, “Fevered,” dropped Friday and showcases the artist’s ability to wander through ambient textures, melodic arpeggios, and intricate drum lines to whip up a punchy yet melodic cut.

Available via Lost Decayit’s on the border between a dreamy listen and a nostalgic club bang.

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“Similar to most of the tracks on the Reunion EP, I started out playing with a lot of sounds until I had this ambient, almost dreamy soundscape,” he explains. he. ) and the sub-bass glues it all together. The whole EP has a lot of different sounds and styles, but they all feel connected.”

‘Fevered’ follows two previous tracks from chxmist, ‘Waiting for You’ and a remix of TOYGIRL’s ‘Moonlight Velvet’.

A musical project launched in 2020 by Dublin producer Conor Barry, his years of experience as a drummer in a band strongly influence chxmist’s eclectic and atmospheric soundscapes.

However, initially the project began as a selection of ambient pieces documenting the isolation and loneliness felt during the first national lockdown during the pandemic.

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chxmist’s first full EP, ‘Reunion’, is set to be released on October 14th.

In the meantime, discover ‘Fevered’ here.

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