City removes Jubilee celebration bunting – because it’s ‘too loud’


Shop owners on a high street in Kent have slammed town hall bosses who came up with the idea for a plastic Jubilee pennant after they had to remove it because it was too loud. A plastic Union Jack bunting had already been in place in Sheerness-on-Sea on the Isle of Sheppey for a month before it was taken down when a handful of people complained it was flapping too hard.

Alex Smith, 62, owner of Cuddles and Bubbles vets, said: ‘For residents here it constantly looked like it was raining against the window. “On a very windy day it was really bad – you couldn’t hear yourself talking, it was so loud.

“It was horrible plastic and the council should have thought of using a different material. They shouldn’t have used the plastic they used. Good job they removed it.

Stanley Ward, 63, owner of Kent Fresh Food butchers, said: ‘It was really loud. I felt really sorry for the people living in the apartments.

“It rattled all the time. I wondered what it was at first because I couldn’t understand it at first.

“It must be loud enough for me to hear because I’m hard of hearing. The board should have anticipated that buying a plastic one would be loud.

Erika Drumstaite, 40, who works at Party Blitz Fancy Dress, said: ‘It was loud every day. It was so strong.

“People were really not happy that the council put them in place. Of course, they should have used others, it’s a party.

Carol Medhurst, 66, owner of Boyce’s Bakery, said: ‘It was loud and they should have used a different kind of equipment. The plastic bunting was really loud – the flags were tiny but would make so much noise. I didn’t complain but they definitely should have removed them.

But Stephen Jackson, 62, owner of the Jacksonwood Tea Room, criticized the decision to drop the bunting. He said: “He should never have been taken out. The bunting gave us something extra for the city.

“It’s a vacation spot, we should have some sort of flags up. It was only noisy on windy days.

“I don’t know of anyone who’s worried about it. A waving flag is to be expected. It pays to make a little noise.

“Maybe it annoyed some people but I don’t know, no one ever told me about it. The bunting must absolutely be put back in place. It’s crazy to take it off.”

Steve Jackson, in his tea room, Jacksonwood in Sheerness

He added: “The problem is that nowadays a few people can complain online and then something is seen as a much bigger problem than it is. Social media has a role to play in this area.

“The lack of flags will definitely affect business. It gives the city something more and we could do with anything more at the moment because things are so bad.”

Kevin Freshwater, 56, owner of furniture store House to Home, said: ‘I didn’t mind the bunting. It was noisy but it rattled. I don’t see why anyone would mind? I think it’s disgusting that they were taken down and should be redeemed.

On Thursday, the Clerk of Sheerness City Council was putting up small commemorative Jubilee signs. She said: “The bunting that was removed was overly plasticized. A few members of the public complained.

“They said the bunting was really loud when it was very windy. Normally we wouldn’t put them in place until then, but they had been in place since the end of April due to St. George’s Day.

“We have made the decision to retire the pennant and order a new pennant in time for the celebrations. We hope he will be here in time for the Jubilee.

“We bought plastic because we thought it was a harder material, but people were just saying it was too loud. We never received any official complaints, just complaints on Facebook .

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