Coinbase Super Bowl Coup Helps Boost Crypto App Downloads By 279%


The success of a series of cryptocurrency-related Super Bowl ads, led by an unorthodox Coinbase ad that managed to penetrate the mainstream, has been laid bare by new statistics indicating that downloads of the ‘US App Store grew 279%.

Cryptocurrencies were the unlikely subject of the game, with viewers trying to make sense of Coinbase’s low-budget viral ad, which featured nothing more than a bouncing QR code modeled after an old DVD screensaver.

Outpacing the big-budget competition, the low-tech presentation saw Coinbase app installs increase 309% week-over-week on the day it aired, rising another 286% the next day.

Additionally, Coinbase saw its install ranking jump from 124 on Sunday to become the No. 2 app on the US App Store, despite the service briefly crashing due to the weight of Super Bowl viewers. .

The success was shared by app intelligence specialists Sensor Tower after measuring the Big Game advertising performance of top mobile brands, although confidentiality agreements mean it cannot share raw download figures.

Crypto platforms made up three of the top five apps in terms of download growth, with Coinbase closely followed by rival eToro, which jumped 132% on Feb. 13 and 82% the next day. FTX lagged shortly after Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm helped it see a download increase of 130% and 81% respectively.

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