The Conservative group presented new plans for the island’s planning framework – to have a greener and more sustainable future – when they met at County Hall on Tuesday June 20.

As it stands, further progress with the Island Planning Strategy (IPS) is currently not expected until September, when Cabinet of Council meets to discuss it.

Isle of Wight Council cannot currently demonstrate a 5 year supply of deliverable housing land and have failed to pass the government’s housing delivery test. Those reasons were only cited last week in a Planning Inspectorate decision to grant planning permission for 6 homes on a greenfield site in Councilor Paul Fuller’s ward of Cowes West & Gurnard.

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A detailed document released by the leader of the Conservative group, Councilor Joe Robertson, states the following:

  • Shift focus from greenfield sites to brownfields
  • Provide more affordable housing, with a local definition
  • Protect our campaigns from inappropriate development
  • Commit to Carbon Net Zero
  • Maximizing the benefits of the Solent Freeport for

The most significant change proposed is the construction of more affordable homes on a partly council-owned brownfield site in Newport and the removal of 360 homes currently earmarked for greenfield development in Bembridge and Freshwater. This would keep the current settlement boundaries of these 2 large villages in place and allow more investment for Newport.

Councilor Robertson said:

“While the Conservative group failed to win a majority in last year’s election, the fact remains that 18 of County Hall’s 39 councilors were elected on a promise to ‘redevelop the area’s land public, including council property, to deliver an ambitious regeneration of Newport Riverside’. A number of councilors across the House have told me that they also agree with the principle.

“I would ask all non-Conservative councilors to consider whether their goal of minimizing greenfield development in their own neighborhoods could be achieved by supporting our ambition for additional residential allocation on brownfields in downtown Newport. .”

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Councilor Joe Robertson

The Conservative group also wants to work with the Alliance to review all contaminated sites submitted as part of the consultation undertaken by the Conservative administration last year, with a view to identifying and agreeing which other sites across the island could be offered instead of blank sites. land, with a view to providing more affordable housing.

Councilor Warren Drew, Conservative policy spokesman, added:

“It is widely recognized that there is an affordable housing crisis on the island, particularly in relation to the provision of truly affordable rental accommodation. This was acknowledged in a report to Scrutiny last week.

“Unfortunately, the national definition of affordable homes (80% of market price) is still far from affordable for most Island residents. We want to see a local definition of affordability based on Island residents’ income and ability to pay.

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“In the meantime, Council should seek to accelerate the use of modular homes to establish at least new affordable housing stock, as our group recently pointed out.”

You can read the full statement at

To view the published planning strategy, go to

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