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Dave Grohl thinks Liam Gallagher is “one of the last remaining rock stars”.

The Foo Fighters frontman co-wrote the former Oasis singer’s latest single, ‘Everything’s Electric’ and although he’s delighted with the finished track – which he also played drums on – he regrets that they couldn’t get together for the recording because he always has a “great” time with the rocker.

He told NME magazine: “Unfortunately we didn’t do it in person, but I love being in the same room as Liam.

“It’s like putting a fucking quarterback in a jukebox and just putting it on with this guy. It’s fucking awesome. Obviously he’s an amazing singer and he’s a rock star. He is one of the last remaining rock stars.

“He was making a song [‘Everything’s Electric’] with producer Greg Kurstin and they needed a beat that I think has been described as something ‘Sabotage’-esque [Beastie Boys] and so I f****** served it. I served the beats. And the fucking single turned out great. I love this song I do honestly. I was dancing to it the other night.

While Dave was working with Liam, he admitted there were no immediate plans for new Foo Fighters songs because the band was busy with their horror movie, “Studio 666.”

Lizzo felt saddened by the

He said, “Not at the moment. We were too busy being movie stars to write rock songs.

But the band “can’t wait” to hit the road for their long-delayed world tour.

Dave said: “We’re going to be bouncing around the planet for the next 10 months. When it all stops in 2020 [because of COVID]I think we’ve all felt the sting we’ve been on the road pretty much our entire career.

“But when he was taken from us, everyone wanted him back even more and we begged for a tour. We begged for shows and then we went on this route and I was like, ‘Oh my god, at what were we thinking? *** that’s a lot of shows!’

“I think there’s 70 or more to come. But hallelujah bro, I can’t wait.”

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