Delhi residents can apply for sterilization of stray dogs via MCD app: Newsdrum


New Delhi, Aug 27 (PTI) People living in areas under the Delhi municipality can now apply for sterilization of stray dogs through a mobile app and the civic body will respond, officials said on Saturday.

A “dog neutering module” has been launched on the existing “MCD App 311”, they said.

“Any resident living in areas under MCD can take pictures of dogs in their neighborhood and then upload them to the app. Following this, the veterinary department authorities will take action and sterilize the dogs if necessary, then will release them in the same area,” a senior official said.

The entire process involved in neutering a dog, from picking up the dog, arriving at a canine sterilization center, date of surgery, and releasing the dog to the area, will be updated. online with photographs.

Veterinary department officials said full dog neutering data will be available online.

Many times, the Veterinary Service receives complaints about stray dogs picked up by its field teams in certain neighborhoods but not returned to the same locality after neutering surgery, they said. MCD will monitor the neutering of stray dogs via this mobile app and will ensure that after surgery the animals are released back to the same locality where they were picked up. PTI KND SMN SMN

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