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In 1843, Alexander Bain wowed the world with the invention of the rudimentary fax machine. People marveled at the idea of ​​being able to transmit images by wire with drums and pendulums pulling the information they received. They didn’t know it was just the beginning.

Of course, this paved the way for more modern fax machines in the 1960s. Being able to essentially send photos and documents over the phone was an impressive concept. Fax machines became commonplace, and before long they had become old news. This has given rise to the latest developments, on which a lot of useful content is available.

Digital scanning goes mobile

Digital scanners became popular in the 1990s when the internet became a household item. From there, the document scanner app became famous. This is due to the increasingly mobile world we live in.

Review of the Benefits of Mobile Scanning Apps

As most people can imagine, mobile scanning apps can offer a long list of benefits. This is true for businesses as well as individuals. Those who are new to this concept can learn “How to ditch your document scanner with these mobile apps”. For now, however, take a look at some of the benefits of mobile scanner apps.

Speed ​​and simplicity

Stationary digital scanners offer a lot of speed and convenience, but people who don’t have access to such devices are left behind when it comes to scanning and sending documents. For them, the process can be a bit tedious.

In some cases, people who don’t have a scanner at their disposal have to start by taking a picture of a document using their phone. From there, they may need to email this document to each other. Then they check their email from a computer or laptop, download the document to that device and send it to the desired recipient.

Yes, it’s a frustrating process. Since everyone has a cell phone these days, being able to scan a document with a phone and skip all those steps would be wonderful. This is exactly what mobile scanning apps are for according to

More clarity

Mobile scanning apps can also offer better clarity than photos taken with phones. How many times do people line up their shots perfectly and accidentally move their camera when taking their shots? The result is a fuzzy, often indecipherable mess.

Unclear images, especially those containing crucial written information or visual details, are not acceptable in many situations. When sending legal documents and other types of sensitive information, clarity is key. Companies like Evernote have made this possible without compromising the convenience of sending documents via mobile devices.

Scanning on a Whole New Level

Advances have led to an array of new technologies. Analog fax machines are still in use today, but many people consider them a bit archaic by modern standards. Digital scanners have taken things to new heights, but even these aren’t the latest developments. Mobile scanning apps have taken document transmission to whole new levels, bringing much more convenience, simplicity and clarity.

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