Domino’s ‘Stranger Things’ app for ordering pizza with your mind


In “Stranger Things,” kids battle monsters like the Demogorgon that hail from an alternate universe known as the “Upside Down.”

The demogorgon makes another appearance in “Stranger Things 4.”


Perhaps to spark interest in the show’s fourth season (its fifth will be its last), Domino’s and Netflix have teamed up to create an experience where you “order pizza with your mind.”


Order pizza with your mind.

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The fourth season has started




Friday. Source: Initiated.

For Stranger Things fans, this will come as no surprise. One of the main characters, Eleven or Jane, can perform telekinesis and has psychic powers.

Screenshot from Eleven's Stranger Things season 4 trailer (Millie Bobby Brown)


When you open the app for the first time, you need to download the software. It took several minutes, which could derail a lot of consumers. However, you only need to do this once.

Green, lo-fi text on a black screen advises the user to turn on Wi-Fi to download software.  A glowing green button indicates "Carry on." The "stranger things" the logo of the order of the spirit is at the top.

WiFi is recommended, as is a bit of patience.

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“There’s so much technology behind this app,” Trumbull said. “We had conversations about how to speed up loading because no one has patience in this world.”

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