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A group that continues to tread extremely diverse waters, DopeLatest single from finds the LA cast at their highest as they bring SkinLab leader, Steve Esquivelto provide more power and muscle.

Dominated by a pulsating, metallic lead riff, a thrash-tinged drum section and a grating bass chug add even more depth as “I’m so stoned I see stars” allow Escape to deliver the effortless screams he’s now been known for since he first announced himself with SkinLab almost three decades ago.

A lively choir offers a brief respite, the clear voices interpreted by Dopeis an original idea, Adam Albrightwho reconnected with Escape for the first time since the guitarist himself was part of SkinLab in 1998; on a song written to celebrate his sobriety.

I’ve been sober from alcohol for a year now and the song is about that.” said Albrightbefore continuing, “The chorus line of ‘Sober now, but I’m so high I see stars’ is kind of the yin yang of ‘I’m sober, therefore I’m high in life.

Refusing to stick to a formula as they continually push to evolve, “I am so perched…” is a pure metal song that also incorporates elements of early 2000s Nu Metal – on the one hand a brash and vicious number, while providing an air of accessibility through a triumphant chorus.

Dope rose to prominence thanks to their 2016 debut EP, The Cult of Love and Terrorbefore releasing their impressive debut album, A happy and violent placein 2019.

The following year lives Dope team up with HOUR. punk rock legends bad brainsguest of the sumptuous single, “Summer time,while a triumphant revival of the INXS classic, “Never separate us,” and another original hymn, “Day Eraser” preceded the statement in bold which is “I’m so high that I see stars.

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