Drum kit app for smartphone and tablet ACPD, bass drum pedal and drumsticks (video)


A new drum machine smartphone and tablet app was launched by WIFO this week via crowdfunding website Kickstarter for the ACPD drum kit and game.

Which was created to provide an accessible way to learn to play the drums. Watch the demo video below to learn more about the ACPD Drum Kit App which is available from $39 and comes with a bass drum pedal, drum sticks, leg strap, foot strap pedal and a companion app.

Shipping is expected to occur in September 2017 if the development team manages to raise $20,000 over the next 38 days.

The ACPD Drum Kit is cutting-edge innovation that transforms your smartphone or tablet drum kit. You won’t believe how realistic it is! Pair it with our free intuitive learning app and everyone from preschoolers to adults can quickly learn to play the drums. Simply connect the bass drum pedal, grab our specially designed drumsticks and get started!

If you already know how to play, you can use the ACPD Drum Kit to practice with any drum app anywhere you want without having to drag your huge drum kit around with you. No table? No problem, we’ve included a leg strap so you can securely attach your tablet or smartphone to your leg without the risk of it dropping. Give yourself some extra practice time to work on your latest song and hone your skills during your lunch break at work…

Source: Kickstarter

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