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The Chemainus United Church on Willow Street has been targeted by thieves for the third time in less than four years.

“It’s disheartening, so disheartening,” conceded Jamie Stephen, chair of the board of directors of The United Church.

This time, one or more thieves broke into the church on either Friday evening September 5 or Saturday evening September 6 and came out with a set of five drums, two cymbals and stands for the cymbals.

“We are a very modest, small community church,” Stephen noted. “We just can’t support the kind of theft that’s happening. “

The church just acquired the drum set in May of last year from the nearby Cowichan Neighborhood House. “It’s in really good shape,” Stephen said of the set.

The loss of the drums will seriously compromise the church’s musical program.

“Music is also a vital part of our ministry,” Stephen said. “We have no way of replacing them at the moment. “

The culprit (s) broke into the church through a window. The police have been notified.

The congregation’s collections were taken during one of the previous flights to the church in 2018.

The ironic part for Stephen is that the role of the church in the community as a place to help people has been reversed and someone has decided to make it a target instead.

“With limited resources, we try to do good for others, especially those in need,” he said. “Our response to this incident is motivated by the hope of restoration, rather than retaliation.”

It is hoped that an appeal to the culprit will lead to the return of the drums.

“If the abuser has no conscience, we hope there is a witness who knows where he is or who saw him,” Stephen noted.

If anyone knows anything about the theft, they can call and leave a message at the church office (250-246-3463), or contact Crime Stoppers or the North Cowichan RCMP office / Duncan.


This is what the battery stolen from the United Church of Chemainus looks like. (Photo submitted)

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