Drummer thanks Cleveland Police for finding beloved drums


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CLEVELAND – Drum roll, please.

A man from Cleveland is extremely grateful to two city officers: Friedrich Kaufmann and James Crivel, who found his stolen personalized Sonor battery.

Andrade Scovil poses with Cleveland officers Friedrich Kaufmann and James Crivel.

“We couldn’t believe it when we got the call Thursday night,” said Andradia Scovil. “These drums meant so much to my father.”

Andrade Scovil said his drums were taken away with his car when he stopped to refuel on West 150th Street on March 12.

“They got in my car and took off. It was so quick, ”said Scovil. “I ran after them but it didn’t work.

He called the police and filed a report. He and his daughter also notified FOX 8.

“We wanted to get the word out, so if anyone saw the drums they contacted us and it worked,” Andradia said. “The officers said they saw the car, they looked through the windows and saw the drums. The only officer said he remembered seeing the drums in a FOX 8 story. He looked at the report and called us.

The Scovils met with the officers near East 55th and Broadway where the car and drums were found Thursday evening. The drums were not damaged.

“These officers were so nice and we can’t thank them enough,” said Andradia.

Scovil, which has been a US postal carrier for over 30 years in the West Park area, is part of the Intrique group.

He said he spent several days searching the city for his white Kia and drums. He added that the car is damaged and he cannot drive it at the moment.

“But I got my battery back,” Scovil said. “Life is good. Thank God.”


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