Drums Rock is coming to App Lab for Quest on February 17


Drums Rock brings heavy metal and hellish enemies to the rhythm game genre on Quest this week, launching February 17 via App Lab.

Announced last July and originally slated for release in late 2021, Drums Rock is finally coming to Quest this Thursday with an App Lab release. The game joins titles like Ragnarok and Smash Drums in the Quest drumming rhythm game pantheon, but in Drums Rock you’ll smash your drum kits to defeat demon bats and other enemies flying towards you.

Here is a brief summary of what to expect:

Rock Drums is an arcade drum game for VR, follow the rock beat with your drums and smash the demons. Each note is represented by an enemy, and they will be defeated by playing the drums. Experience a unique campaign: with different levels, challenges, songs and worlds. Drums Rock is an ideal game to feel like a rock star, while smashing hordes of demons to the rhythm of rock!

According to the developers, the main campaign lasts about four hours, with additional unlocks, an online leaderboard, and an additional challenge mode.

To coincide with the launch of the App Lab, the game will also release its first licensed song – Drink by Alestorm. This version of the game also includes a new progression system in campaign mode, as well as a scenario selection feature in challenge mode.

There’s also a 2022 roadmap that extends beyond the launch of the App Lab. As you can see in the graphic above, it includes new modifiers, more licensed songs, new difficulties, bosses, and customization items, among others. An Oculus Store release is also listed at the end, but with no fixed date for now.

Drums Rock will launch for Meta Quest via App Lab on February 17 and is available to wishlist here.

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