Drums that once belonged to drummer Eric Carr from Kiss can now be yours


A Louis 12 piece battery designed for and owned by the end TO KISS drummer Eric carr is sold through Reverb. The set comes with a certificate of authenticity from Eric carr domain.

In the Reverberation announcement, the seller of the Carr kit writes: “While I was playing in a TO KISS tribute band in 2005, my dream came true when I bought this kit at Paul Orofino, one of Ericthe closest friends of and the one who recorded Ericaudition demo tape for TO KISS. Paul said Eric offered him this battery, Simmons pads and, I believe, its chrome Chikara together, and Eric had he sent freight right after his video shoot for “God gave you rock ‘n’ roll II” song of TO KISS, from Los Angeles to Paulrecording studio in Milbrook, NY. Paul said he had recorded albums of BLUE YSTER WORSHIP and other popular groups with some of the drums from this ensemble. “

Carr replaced Peter Criss in TO KISS in 1980 and made their recording debut with the band in the 1981s “Music by ‘The Elder'” album. His last recording with TO KISS has been “God gave you rock and roll II”. His last public appearance before his death was at MTV Video Music Awards in September 1991.

Carr contributed his talent to the bands numerous gold and platinum albums during his tenure, and can be heard on many of the band’s hit songs from the 1980s, including “Lick it”, “The sky is on fire”, “Crazy nights”, “Tears are falling” and “Always”, to only cite a few. In addition to his musical contributions, Carr was also known for his inviting personality and sincere love for fans. Since he joined the group until today, Carr remains one of the most beloved members of the TO KISS family.

Carr died November 24, 1991 of rare heart cancer. He was 41 years old.

In 2011, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Ericpast, TO KISS leader Paul Stanley said about Carr: “At a time when TO KISS was in the midst of upheaval and turmoil, Eric brought the calm and optimism that refocused our priorities to move forward. I cannot stress enough his contribution to our rebirth. His dedication to his music was matched only by his dedication to his fans. He was a kind soul who couldn’t say a mean word about anyone and I think about him all the time. “

Added TO KISS bassist / singer Simmons Gene: “I have never known anyone more humble in my life. Eric carr was a good soul who never said anything bad about anyone. He was also a double threat on drums and vocals. I miss him.”

As previously stated, an official Eric carr documentary, supported by the late TO KISS the drummer’s family, is in preparation.

In 2000, MVD visual posted a Eric carr documentary titled “Inside the story of the fox: the story of Eric Carr”. The 120-minute documentary, directed by Jack edward sawyers, included additional footage, clips, footage and interviews, as well as previously unreleased music written and performed by Eric of his pre-TO KISS and TO KISS days, as well as interviews with Bill Aucoin, Bruce kulick, Carrie Stevens, members of SLAUGHTER, Fred coury, and more.

Carr was inducted into the Metal Hall of Fame September 12 via a free live event hosted by Cathy Rankin.

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