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Rivermaya releases first single in five years

RIVERMAYA returns with “Casino”, the band’s first single since 2018’s “#SBN”. The band’s vocalist and drummer Marf Escueta mixed and co-produced “Casino” with fellow musician Paulo Zarate at Studio Z. Mike Elgar (vocalist/guitarist) recorded his guitar parts at home, while Nathan Azarcon (vocalist/guitarist) came back and forth with the remaining elements of the song. Born out of an online collaboration and never stuck in one space, “Casino” sets the tone for what’s to come on Rivermaya’s future music-making endeavors. The group aims to complete an album’s worth of songs. “It’s been five years, so we really miss releasing new music,” Mr. Escueta said in a statement. “It looks like we’re going to be able to do that a lot more often this year.” “Casino” is available on all digital music platforms worldwide.

Collaboration between Ben&Ben and SB19

THE NINE-PIECE group Ben&Ben and the P-Pop group SB19 take a stand on the abuse of power and the necessity of public service in the music video for the song”Kapangyarihan.” “Theatre is meant to be experienced live, but we used its intrinsic quality to present the ‘Kapangyarihan‘ music video,” music video director Dexter M. Santos said in a statement. “By infusing the music video with narration, choreography, set and costume design as well as video, we hope to deliver a heartfelt and emphatic performance.” The video is intercut with snippets of historical context and stories that question leaders and call for meaningful change. “Audiences are reminded that this is a performance, but a call to action is required; that there are bigger and stronger issues that we need to address after watching the performance,” Ben & Ben said in a collective statement. The song marks Ben&Ben and SB19’s second collaboration. They first worked together on the catchy pop ballad “MAPA (Band Version)”. Kapangyarihan” is now available on all digital music platforms globally through Sony Music Philippines. Watch the video clip on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaGmwtpOyV0&t=2s.

The FDCP organizes an actor’s workshop recital

Bubog’s RECITAL in Karga: Acting Workshop on the Chubbuck Technique for Background Actors by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) featured performances at an in-person event on May 5 at the Cinematheque Center Manila. The Acting Showcase was the culminating activity for the first group of background actors who completed an intensive 14-week online acting workshop and on-site rehearsals with guidance from the acting coach and director. Rahyan Carlos. The theater workshop series will have an upcoming workshop for writers, directors and producers, and another for professional actors. The FDCP National Registry is still accepting applications. To register as a member and receive updates on upcoming workshops and trainings, visit https://nationalregistry.fdcp.ph/signup.

New Warner Music Asia Artist Releases Single

New WARNER MUSIC Asia artist Valentina Ploy has released her first single of the year, “Bla Bli Blu.” The song features a love language created by the Thai-Italian artist to express her love in this track which she co-wrote with Richard Craker and Jackson Dimiglio. A glimpse into Valentina’s multilingualism, the pre-hook is a glimpse of her fluency in Italian, French and Spanish, as she professes her love in those languages ​​before diving into a grand confession of her own language. of love. Warner Music Asia announced in April that it had formed a strategic alliance with Thai independent record label What the Duck by signing Valentina Ploy. “Bla Bli Blu” is available on digital music streaming platforms worldwide.

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