Estonian Cartoon Trio Deliver Lush Track “I’m Not Alright”


Estonian threesome Cartoon unites with the pop punk act Wetters in bed brilliantly launches the anthem “I’m Not Alright”, a lush mix of genres easily ranging from enchanting indie, pop and rock to soaring punk and rock, with explosive yet hypnotic touches of metal and of psy trance.

With lyrics that dip into depression and try to cope with the weight of negative feelings crashing down on you, the track is raw and honest, letting us feel our deepest emotions, but allowing the powerful soundscape to pull us away. of vulnerability and losing ourselves in the rhythmic beats.

The accompanying visual is full of vibrant, psychedelic feel that encapsulates the laid-back instrumentation while balancing the contemplative songwriting.

A track inspired by personal experience but written with an uplifting edge that connects with all who listen, “I’m Not Alright” uses layered, danceable sounds alongside electro-tinged melodic vocals that lead us into good times whenever we’re feeling in the dirt.

Formed in 2015 and influenced by a classic combination of EDM and pop, Cartoon have grown rapidly but steadily with their ever-changing productions that remain trendy yet timeless with a strong heart of drums and bass. This final track sees them finding confidence in featuring their own vocals to elevate their signature sound – heightening anticipation for whatever comes next.

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