Every Submachine Gun in GTA Online, Ranked (2022)


machine guns in GTA online are an interesting category of weapons. They’re not as powerful as Assault Rifles and not as good at PVP as Sniper Rifles, but they’re still a fairly popular weapon choice. That’s good to hear, because SMGs are a joy to use. Whether you like to use them for driving shots, CQBs, or just to run and shoot, there’s something for everyone with an SMG. In today’s article, we classify each submachine gun into GTA online from good to best!

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Every submachine gun in GTA Online, ranked best to best

With that intro out of the way, let’s jump straight into our ranking of every SMG in GTA online!


machine gun

Taking sixth place on this list for every submachine gun in GTA online classified, we have the machine gun. This is a fairly standard gun that you’ll see fairly commonly used by low level players. The pistol has been part of the series since the days of GTA Vice City, so it’s pretty much a mainstay of the series. The weapon can be picked up for $7,500 from Ammu-Nation or your Personal Armory found in your Agency.

This gun has pretty low accuracy and its range is disappointing. The DPS is what you would expect from a low level weapon. It’s not terrible, but nowhere near as good as the other guns on this list. Given its inability to be used in a car and its inability to use other types of ammunition, this gun has no real use. You can pick it up if you’re a low level player in need of an SMG, but veterans better skip this gun.


mini submachine gun

For our next pick, we have the mini submachine gun (not to be confused with the Micro SMG). This is an incredibly small gun that has been added to the world of GTA online as part of the Bikers DLC in October 2016. The gun is used very rarely (if at all) due to its stats. It’s a shame, because it’s actually quite a fun weapon to use.

Surprisingly, this gun actually does a bit more damage than the SMG. It also has a very fast rate of fire, which increases its DPS a bit. The thing a lot of players won’t like about this weapon, however, is its low magazine capacity. It can only hold a maximum of thirty rounds when fully upgraded. It’s not too terrible, but it definitely keeps the gun under control compared to other guns.


Micro SMG

Now, for the next pick in our rankings, we have the classic Micro SMG! It is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used SMGs in GTA online. This gun has been in the franchise for GTA 3, so it is no wonder that it is so popular among gamers. The gun is available for $3,750 in GTA online, making it the cheapest SMG in the game. Considering how useful it is, it’s well worth the investment.

The best and most notable use of this firearm is for bystanders. Players can aim and fire this weapon while driving most vehicles in the game, making it a good choice if you need something for vehicular combat. As for the rest of the stats, it’s a little disappointing. It has very low damage, but compensates with a good rate of fire.

Its maximum magazine size is only thirty, which is also very low. Despite its low stats, the previously mentioned ability to be used in most vehicles makes it a must-have if you don’t already have the AP Pistol.


assault machine gun

For the next spot on our list, let’s take a moment to talk about the assault machine gun. I regret not having used this reliable weapon sooner. It’s available for just $12,550 at any Ammu-Nation store, as well as your agency’s armory. The gun is ideal for beginners to buy and use due to its (relatively) low price.

The performance is damn good. It can hold a maximum of sixty rounds in each magazine, which isn’t best in class, but still better than most SMGs. The gun also has very good damage and a rate of fire that isn’t too extreme either way. The gun just feels very balanced to use. Its range and accuracy is what puts it higher on this list, as you can kill targets from a greater distance much more effectively.

Honorable Mention: Gusenberg Sweeper

Before we start our top three, let’s make an honorable mention. The Gusenberg sweeper is technically classified as a light machine gun, but its design and function make it a submachine gun. Anyway, this unique weapon was first introduced in the game alongside the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special DLC, released February 13, 2014.

Its stats make it one of the best guns in the game. Its most notable features are its incredible rate of fire and decent damage, which makes it pretty good for PVP. The gun is quite inaccurate, however, compared to other guns in the game. For this reason, I only recommend using it up close.


submachine gun

To kick off our top three, we have the submachine gun! This gun is called a pistol, but is classified as a submachine gun. I don’t know much about firearms in real life, so I won’t bother arguing if it’s one or the other. We’ll just assume it’s an SMG for the sake of discussion. This firearm has been added to GTA online in the Lowriders DLCs.

I was very surprised by the stats of this weapon. It has pretty good DPS considering its good rate of fire and decent damage to boot. I would definitely be okay with using this weapon in a close range PVP scenario. It can be upgraded to hold a maximum capacity of thirty rounds for each clip. This makes it a very viable alternative to most SMGs on this list. And, since it can be used in a car, it has plenty of versatility to back it up.


Mk II submachine gun

And for the second pick in our ranking, we have the Mk II submachine gun! It is one of the many Mk II weapons that were added to the game as part of the 2017 Gunrunning update. not convince that he does not. t pack a punch. This gun can be acquired by going to a weapons workbench and upgrading the regular SMG for $85,500.

This weapon’s damage is pretty decent for an SMG. Combined with its good rate of fire, it is a solid DPS weapon that is suitable for all types of combat. Being an SMG it’s not the best for long ranges and is best used in CQB. The main attraction of this pistol is the fact that it can have several types of ammo! Personally, I like hollow point shells which deal extra damage to unarmored targets. This makes PVE a breeze!


Fight the PDW

Finishing our list for every submachine gun in GTA online classified, we have the Fight the PDW! It’s a really sleepy SMG that packs a punch. It is available in single player mode as well as online. Online players were able to get their hands on this weapon when it was released alongside the Ill-gotten gains part 1 DLCs. It’s a pretty cheap gun, costing only $11,750, so it’s good for beginners.

This gun is a close to medium range weapon, which gives it a bit of versatility in different environments. The gun can also be fitted with a 100 size ammo drum, giving it one of the highest ammo capacities in the game! This SMG also has very high damage per shot when you compare it to other SMGs available. If you can land your shots, it can be a very effective killing machine. This highlight is overpowered by its below-average rate of fire.

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