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If you are a Formula 1 fan, you must play F1 22 – it really is that simple. Codemasters’ latest addition to the racing game series is excellent; the veteran developer has built on the strong foundations of F1 2021 to create an even higher bar of quality for fans of the world’s fastest motorsport. With a host of new features that add depth and immersion to the on-track experience, there’s so much to enjoy when sitting in the cockpit of an F1 car. Other than that, however, Codemasters’ attempts to build on the game’s off-road experience with F1 Life fail – and at times, feel like a totally unnecessary addition to what is a great game.

So let’s start with F1 Life. While not necessarily a bad addition to F1 22, it feels like a hollow experience that doesn’t add anything substantial to the game. car is one thing, but decorating a high-end living space that you’ll only see when you’re in the main menu and (on occasion) in a multiplayer lobby just feels like a waste of time.

After spending some time exploring the options in F1 Life, I got the feeling this was some filler activity that Codemasters uses to hide the fact that it actually doesn’t have does a lot to update the driver customization feature from F1 2021. Sure, there are a handful of new options when it comes to choosing a preset look, but that’s far from what you expect in 2022 from a triple-A studio with EA’s backing. You just need to look at what EA has done with the FIFA 22 Player Creator to see what an improvement would look like.

As disappointing as F1 Life is, it’s ultimately just a selection of cosmetic options that don’t actually affect the core gameplay experience. Much like the professional drivers you’ll race wheel-to-wheel with through the first corner, F1 22 talks about the track – the race weekend experience is where this game shines.

With improved free practice programs, expanded car configuration options, and an updated R&D system (for those of you tackling a MyTeam career mode), F1 22 gives players an experience of much deeper race weekend than before. Knowing the layout of the tracks, exploring the limits of your car and adjusting your settings to suit your driving style has never been more important. It’s perfect for F1 fans who want to dive into the details without necessarily fully committing to hardcore sim racing (or Frontier Developments’ upcoming extremely in-depth management sim, F1 Manager 2022).

The race weekend experience is where this game shines

As well as more things to play with for serious fans, Codemasters has also once again catered to more casual F1 fans with a number of assists and options you can use to customize the experience to suit. of your needs. I went with a medium selection of assists, with full 3D racing line on and medium traction control.

Once I figured out how the cars drive in F1 22 compared to F1 2021, and how to stop losing the rear end on every corner exit, I found it all to be a totally rewarding experience – and that’s just doing laps in free practice. The same cannot be said for using the newly added supercars to complete F1 22’s Pirelli Hot Laps challenges.

These cars are still going to feel sluggish compared to a Formula 1 car, but they also feel like they lack traction, making them unpredictable at the best of times. To put it plainly, they’re not as fun as one might expect – which is a shame. However, when you sit down to start a full Grand Prix race, that’s when you can have a lot of fun.

F1 22 Review: An image of an interactive in-game pit stop

In F1 22, Codemasters introduced new immersive and broadcast options for pit stops, safety car periods and formation laps. If you’re looking for a more interactive experience, you can find it with the immersive options – something that gives you more control than ever over every aspect of a race day. However, if you are looking for a more cinematic experience, you can opt for the broadcast settings. This not only automates the aforementioned moments, it also lets you watch the action from a camera angle designed to replicate what you would see on TV. I can’t say one is better than the other, but they both add to the experience in different ways and you should definitely try both.

New features make a huge difference in drawing you into the fantasy of being a Formula 1 driver

As someone who failed to play many of F1’s 22 online multiplayer modes prior to release, I can’t comment yet on how these features affect racing against others. But for solo Grands Prix and MyTeam career racing they make a huge difference in drawing you into the fantasy of being a Formula 1 driver. It’s something F1 22 does well as a whole. With new background audio featuring Crofty’s iconic start-up commentary and during a race weekend, a dedicated EA playlist of electronic and dance music, and an all-new race engineer, the atmosphere created by F1 22 rivals the real thing.

You don’t have to be the best at racing games to enjoy F1 22, but Codemasters has made sure to create a title that appeals to those who invest in the sport as much as those who love the occasional run. However, the developer’s attempt to offer the glitz and glamor of a lavish Formula 1 driver lifestyle via F1 Life seems flat and is unable to hide the fact that actual driver customization always does. default.

F1 22 is, so far, an excellent racing game, but there’s still room for improvement when it comes to capturing the sport as a whole. Once we get deeper into F1 22’s online features, we’ll update this review with this all-important score.

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