Flogging Molly Shares Dynamic New Track “This Road Of Mine”


Photo credit: Alyssa Fried

Legendary Celtic punk band Flogging Molly recently released a brand new single, “This Road Of Mine”, from their forthcoming album. Anthem, which the band plans to release in September 2022. “This Road Of Mine” is available to stream on most major music streaming services, and an awesome animated lyric video is also available on Youtube.

Flogging Molly vocalist and guitarist Steve King commented on his inspiration behind the deep lyrics of “This Road Of Mine” in a recent press release from the band, saying, “As I was writing these lyrics, I was wondering if we could keep touring and making music again. Whether you’re a plumber, carpenter or musician, we’ve all had the rug pulled out from under us and there are definitely elements of that on the album. I’m not one to avoid a situation in the sense of writing about it; I think that’s what songwriters should do, they should reflect the times.

Musically, “This Road Of Mine” is a superb example of Flogging Molly’s unique style. The single features driving guitars and heavy drums with classic folk instruments; which, combined with King’s powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, create one of the band’s best songs to date.

With a brand new single, “This Road Of Mine”, a brand new album to come, Anthem, an ongoing European tour and an upcoming North American tour, Flogging Molly fans have had plenty to be excited about lately.

Photo credit: Alyssa Fried


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