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Nicole and Samantha Humphries are more than sisters and teammates, they’re best friends.

The Flower Mound High School twins are among the best cross-country runners in the state and were huge factors in helping the Lady Jags win a 2021 cross country state title as a team and medal individually. four times at state in track and field earlier this year. .

Coach Andrew Cook said the two sisters are alike in many ways but also have their differences.

“Samantha brings a quiet confidence to the team which I think helps the ladies stay focused on our goals,” Cook said. “Nicole is more outgoing and does a good job of making sure the girls are having fun.”

Nicole finished fourth overall at the 2021 national cross country meet and won bronze in the 1,600 meters at the national track and field meet.

The Flower Mound junior said her sister, Samantha, had a lot to do with her success last season.

“Samantha and I have a very strong relationship on and off the track,” Nicole said. “It’s honestly a huge blessing to have a training partner who is identical to you in almost every way. It helps a lot when strategizing during races because we know we have to be pretty close each other.

“Whether it’s during a race or in training, we push each other, we encourage each other and we hold each other accountable.”

What makes things even better for the Humphries sisters is that they do pretty much everything else together.

They have the same interests, evolve in the same social circle and have almost identical school schedules.

On numerous occasions they received identical test results, and while they definitely push each other to be the best, Nicole said there was no jealousy or sibling rivalry.

“A common question we get asked is if we’re ever bothered by being beaten by the other,” Nicole said. “The answer is no. We want the best for each other and often consider each other’s victories our own.

The Humphries sisters are also mirror image twins, meaning they are opposites in many ways as well.

Nicole is right-handed, for example, while Samantha is left-handed.

Often both sisters will feel pain on opposite sides of the body, and Nicole said she was right-brained, while Samantha was left-brained.

Nicole specifies that her sister also brings a dimension to the practices and meetings that makes her essential.

“Samantha’s presence makes the sport more enjoyable as she is a great team player and keeps things light when the pressure is high,” Nicole said. “Samantha is funny, smart, determined and loyal.”

The feelings are definitely mutual, as Samantha, who won gold in the 800 meters and silver medals in the 1,600 and 3,200 meters at the national track and field meet last spring, said the bond between her and Nicole was unmistakable, and at times, maybe a little too strong.

“We always support each other,” Samantha said. “Even in our home, when one of us has a fight with his parents, we have a bad habit of stepping in and supporting the other even if the topic is irrelevant to one of us. feed each other’s energy, because we tend to cry when the other cries and feel happy when the other cries.

And that can happen even if there is no shared experience or accomplishment.

Last summer, for example, Samantha was invited to the Brooks PR Race in Seattle, and Nicole didn’t get an invite, but as Samantha said, “She still did everything in her power. his power to encourage me and make sure I was ready”, for the competition.

“I admire how she really wants the best for me, which makes me want to reciprocate,” Samantha said. “She will make sacrifices for me if I have adverse circumstances or if I feel overwhelmed and stressed. She also values ​​my success just as much as she values ​​hers. She is thrilled for me if I run well, but she will also feel bad for me if she runs well and I don’t.

Samantha said that she and Nicole have both had their fair share of injuries over the years, but leaning on each other has made it so much easier for them to overcome the obstacles they face. were faced.

“We were injured together, but we also had to take time off while the other was still running,” Samantha said. “Sometimes these situations made me feel lost and unmotivated because I didn’t have someone with me like I used to…we also had times when one of us was at its peak while the other was at low performance-wise, which makes comparison an issue.

Samantha said that’s when they have to rely on each other to refocus and push each other to improve.

The Humphries sisters have helped the Flower Mound girls reach No. 1 among 6A cross country programs in the state heading into the 2022 season according to the Cross Country Coaches Association of Texas, and they are both expected to fight for individual state championships.

Cook said the goal for both girls this season is exactly that, to compete for individual state titles but also to set a good example for their younger teammates, which the Flower Mound coach is all about. convinced that the Humphries sisters are both capable of doing it.

“The benefit of having two national-level athletes on our team is that other girls can see what it takes to be this fast every day,” Cook said. “Samantha and Nicole are incredibly talented. However, they don’t just rely on that talent. They also make sure they work hard to be their best.

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