Freja’s Ethereal Atmospheric Metallic Whispers “Of Those Struck By Fate” (Early Track Stream)


Further proving just how powerful Roadburn is as a creative source, Dutch atmospheric metal band freja formed through one of his collaborative efforts: while working on the commissioned piece “Maalstroom” for Roadburn 2019, members C. (Witte Wieven) and W. (Laster, Verval) found common creative ground and chose to explore it further, leading to their upcoming first outing Tides. Fittingly, they’ll be playing Roadburn this year to coincide with the release of the album, and the shimmering intensity it contains should go down exceptionally well.

Ranging from demanding black metal to stunning post-metal and pensive vibes, Tides highlights the massive potential for metal immersion. Beyond simply stringing riffs into songs, the band transforms stories of myths and legends into emotional journeys that never retrace their steps.

On the track “Of These Stricken by Fate,” which we feature below, Freja ventures into a quiet stillness, layering delicate guitar melodies with echoing vocals and a distant drum beat. The harsher sides of their sound are absent here, but in their place rises a haunting majesty that makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand on end. Listen now:

Tides releases April 22 via Babylon Doom Cult Records.

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