Game Prepares Eminem Diss Track, Says Wack 100


The game could drop an Eminem diss track at any time, says manager Wack 100.

It looks like The Game isn’t backing down when it comes to taking on Eminem. The rapper has had a lot of opinions about his co-workers lately, and true to his style, he even claimed that Eminem couldn’t hold a mic to him.

Now comes word from his manager, Wack 100, that the former G-Unit member has been working on a rapper-oriented diss song “Rap God.” It was while The Game was working on their next album. Drillmatic. He seems determined to prove he can take on Eminem and has already challenged him to a battle against Verzuz.

Wack was speaking on a recent Clubhouse call when he made the revelation. He added that the song is sure to provoke reactions and might even spark a bit of beef between the two as he declares the Black Slim Shady is coming.

“We are starting a fire. The Black Slim Shady is coming. [Eminem] better be ready ’cause this n-gga done got crazy… If [Eminem] replied to Machine Gun Kelly and Nick Cannon, boy… it is what it is,” he continued.

Wack appeared to be in full promotion mode as he attempted to stoke the fires of a battle between the two. According to him, Eminem had been disrespectful to his opponents over the years, and it would be very interesting to see how he responds to The Game’s provocation. In fact, according to Wack, Eminem dragged his own family into battles, including his mother and his ex, Kim.

“You got two crafty niggas, two disrespectful, two rappin’-ass niggas, two creative niggas… [Eminem] better whip it because one thing about Game, it’s already been answered because the first one is going to fuck the world up,” he added.

We don’t know if Eminem will respond to new diss tracks since the Detroit rapper has been relatively quiet on the music front. Even though Wack revealed that the diss song was over, he didn’t give any idea when it might drop.

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