Gorillaz releases an uplifting new track titled “Baby Queen”


Gorillaz Release Uplifting ‘Baby Queen’, Brand New Track From Upcoming ‘Cracker Island’ Album: Listen

Before the release of the next LP “Cracker Island” in February, the influential digital group Gorillaz release a brand new track ‘Baby Queen’.

Gorillaz are one of the most influential bands of modern times, selling around 27 million records worldwide. The English group is at the dawn of a new era with their new album “Cracker Island” will be released in February next year. Fans have already been told what to expect with previously released critical and fan-praised singles ‘New Gold’ and title track “Cracker Island”. Now Gorillaz is giving listeners a taste of what’s to come, releasing the highly anticipated track ‘Baby Queen’.

The single was first teased in September on the hugely popular video game FIFA 23where it featured on the game’s soundtrack. ‘Baby Queen’ is a slow, delicate track with hollow percussion and base-filled drums, it’s emotive and cinematic which is provided by the sensational vocal performance of Damon Alban, the favorite of the group. Inspired by a Thai princess’ leap on stage at a Blur concert in 1997, Albarn further discusses the inspiration and creation of the track when he states:

‘Song 2’ started and she stood on her throne and dove into the crowd. The reason I wrote a song about it is because I dreamed about this princess very recently. she had grown up and we spent time together in my dream, her as a woman”

“Cracker Island” is released via the Parlophone label and is available for pre-order via the link here. Be sure to listen to the incredible “Baby Queen” via Spotify below or alternatively on your streaming platform of choice. here. Don’t forget to tell us what you think!

Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Music Group

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