GreenPal lawn care app launched in Springfield


Lindsey Borrowman and her husband Evan have a newborn and are relatively new to Springfield.

Looking after a newborn has left the couple little time to research services such as lawn care in the area and they don’t know many people to refer them to a reputable company. Borrowman did an internet search for lawn care and came across GreenPal, a website/app that connects consumers with local lawn care providers.

The Springfield GreenPal launched mid-August. Owners enter their address on the site, then an aerial view provided by Google Maps is sent to the seller. Sellers follow up with offers that the owner can choose from. Owners can see rates and reviews for different providers. They have the option of setting up weekly, bi-weekly, or one-time services.

Borrowman said the site was easy to use and the process was quick. Since her husband is busy with harvest season as a production manager at Bayer and no longer has time to do the yard work, the Pike County native signed up for the weekly service. .

“I’m the type of person who really likes being able to get other people’s opinions, like recommendations. We don’t really have that option here because we really don’t know a lot of people,” Borrowman said.

Caballero compared GreenPal to Uber for lawn care.

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“What owners are telling us is what they like to see is social proof,” Caballero said.

GreenPal was originally launched in Nashville. The idea was born in 2012 and transactions began in 2015. GreenPal suppliers provide services such as lawn care, lawn maintenance, snow removal and snow removal, as well as other basic needs in landscaping. The service is available in more than 250 markets nationwide, including Chicago, St. Louis and Milwaukee.

There are about 40 lawn care vendors available on the site locally and more than 40,000 vendors nationwide, according to Caballero. Sellers must be at least 18 years old and have a valid social security number, driver’s license and bank account.

Josh Oiler, owner of Oiler and Sons, discovered GreenPal on Facebook. After some research, he decided to join as a salesman.

“It seemed like a reliable way to build businesses,” Oiler said.

Oiler and Sons opened its doors about two years ago. Oiler said that since joining GreenPal, his business has grown about 25%.

“Social proof is stronger than any other verification process we might have,” Caballero said.

GreenPal is launching in Champaign this month.

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